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February 09 2005

Jeff Mariotte on the new Angel comic book mini-series. Very insightful interview, well worth reading.

ah... interesting

i'd much prefer it if joss was the one coming up with the general scope of the stories and then handing it over to IDW to fill in the details

but this sounds very excellent... and expensive... better start saving now
He sounds very confident. Let's hope..
I'm not much of a comic book reader, but I must pick up this series. I've always wished that Joss had explored that story line of Angel seeking out the gypsy clan that cursed him. Just think of the play of emotions that would have been. Though Angel has done much to redeem himself, I'm sure the clan wouldn't be pleased in the fact that he also killed Jenny and Enyos. Very glad this comic series will be written by someone well-versed in the 'verse. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed.
A very intersting read, which covers alot of the points raised by the discussions in the previous thread. Jeff sounds like a real fan of ATS and that is a very good start. I've not read any of his tie-in novels, but may now do so. I'm disapointed that there were no 'secret notes' for Season 6 though,(I'm thinking of Jeff Bell and David Fury's post-apocalytic storyline mention) and that Joss' imput isn't more direct ie That he is not talking to Jeff or as aapac says 'coming up with the general scope of the stories' himself. But at least it sounds as if he is being given final approval, which is much better than it being in the hands of Fox (I've found the characterization and some of the story lines in the BTVS tie-in novels very disapointing.)
Jeff's reason for making Angel central to the first mini-series(and 'sidelining his allies' in the words of the interviewer) is interesting as is his selection of this particular storyline, taking Angel to Romania. I suppose that it could tend to introduce the lead character to new readers with a minimum of exposition. I'll still buy, it sounds like a lot of thought and research has gone into the story. I'll have to be patient and wait to hear about the fates of Gunn, Spike and Ilyria - or see much of them.
Jeff's definition of what is and what is not canon, was logical.
I thought the Interviewer asked alot of the right questions.

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The thing that always bothered me about the curse was why didn't they tell Angel about the perfect happiness thing? Keeping it a secret doesn't make sense, telling him would add to his torture.

I always figured that they planned to tell him but Darla or Spike killed them before they could make Angel clear about what lay in wait if he ever had a happy.
Glad that the "reverse the curse" things been cleared up. It would also suggest that whatever happened after the end of the last episode, that it was a complete victory if Angel feels he has time to try and get the happiness clause removed. He normally wouldn't spend time and effort doing something like that for himself.
The rule in licensed fiction is that what's on the screen is canon, and the rest is not.

I think that about sums it up for me. I picked up the Tales comics/graphic novels, to varying degrees of satisfaction, but I think I'm going to sit this one out.

Even reversing the "happiness clause" seems out-of-character for Angel, as far as I'm concerned.
I have been buying up the graphic novels as a way to stave off my Buffy/Angel withdrawal. This will be on my list.

What was Jeff Bell and David Fury's post-apocalytic storyline, anyway?
Interesting that this guy seems to think that just because he's got the highest word count, he's the best choice for comics... I'm sure there are some 'prolific' fanfic writers out there who may have him out-worded(I know, he means published, but it's a strange thing to be proud of...)

Also, only Joss, David G or another writer that has been with the show from the beginning would be better than him? There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and I'm not sure he's walking it very well. I should probably stop reading his interviews before his own words taint me against this project...
Hm, well I am happy he is knowleadgable of the show and its characters, since it's reason for optimism. Having said that, I did notice he's not bothered by that 'modesty' thing much. (he seems to love the words 'most prolific angel writer'). As for his high emphasis on his word-count, as a reader I'm more interested in the quality of the words than the quantity, but I haven't read his novels and have no way of knowing if I agree with his views on the characters or not. Wait and see and remain cautiously optimistic. (Cautiously because generally I'm not crazy about any of the novels) As I said, he seems well-versed.

Btw he also says how he likes Angel's leather duster and I could be wrong, but I've only ever heard Spike's coat be referred to as a 'leather duster'. Unless Angel's coats are dusters too, but I thought they had to go down to your ankles for that. Anyone know?

I pretty much assumed the curse thing would only involve the happiness clause, but I still wonder why Angel goes to do this *now*, instead of the past 5-6 years. Or why he doesn't look up some powerful sorcerer or witch to help him with this since the gypsies are probably still the last people on earth who'd want to help him. I really hope these things will be addressed.

It's good to hear flashbacks will address what happened to the others.

As for the 'what is canon' thing, I certainly understand people who just want to stick with TV. Personally I still say anything that has Joss'involvement in it, or at least his approval, can still be canon in my book. Like the TotV, TotS, Fray, etc.

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If what's on screen is canon then what about Jenny saying the whole magic thing was long lost to her people, there was no one left who knew how it worked? So who's Angel going to talk to? Maybe you could argue that Jenny was being kept in the dark by her elders but still...
If what's on screen is canon then what about Jenny saying the whole magic thing was long lost to her people, there was no one left who knew how it worked? So who's Angel going to talk to? Maybe you could argue that Jenny was being kept in the dark by her elders but still...

Someone could have saved Angel a trip to Romania if they'd just passed along that info! :~P

But really, you can usually 'wank' around anything canon and make it work.
'Angel's Spike's sire? No, Dru's Spike's sire. But maybe he meant grandsire, or maybe Dru drained him and Angel fed him his blood or maybe....'
More likely, at that point Spike&Dru were disposable villains and their backstory didn't matter.

There have been some times of inconsistent writing, and people usually manage to wank it away. I'm sure this will be no different. Maybe Angel wasn't around when Jenny said that? I have no idea.
Yes, there are (possible) big holes in this story line, but lets wait to see the actual item before judgment. I've not read this author's books so I can't make a comment. But this writer strikes me in being knowledgeable with the story. Lets see what he turns out.
Erm, am I the only one who finds the use of the word "wank" in this context offensive? I know that it has been so used for a while now (well, a "while" in internet chronology), but it seems to me as though a perfectly serviceable obscenity, one that packed a real punch, and one that many americans didn't recognize, thus allowing me to shout it out in a drunken stupor without starting a fight, has now been perverted by its transformation and use in a non-obscene context . . . Let's keep dirty words dirty, huh?

Sorry. Just had to get that little bete noire off my chest. So to speak.

A bit more on-topic: I probably won't be picking these up unless they get raved about. In general, I consider non-TV or movie stuff, including Fray et al., something in-between canon and pure speculation. Maybe an alternate reality or parallel universe that may at some point merge with the one that I believe in . . .
I'm with zz9 on this one. I've always thought it made no sense not to tell Angel he would lose his soul if he had the moment of true happiness. Not only is his torture not added to but because he didn't know he could lose his soul, he couldn't prevent losing it. So by not telling him the gypsies themselves created a situation where Angelus could return. It seems to me there's some dialogue between Jenny and her Uncle that tries to cover this hole. Also good point about Jenny's people having lost the magic. Who indeed will Angel talk to? But I do think it's a good idea to do a story that touches on Angel's roots and takes us far from L.A. Otherwise the questions about what happened immediately after 5.22 would loom too large.
Sorry, SNT, I'll try harder to keep the wanking with the naughty. But what about 'shag'? Cuz I used to go out and shag baseballs with my dad all the time when I was a kid, and I had no idea it was a dirty word 'til I grew up!

Hmm...are fanfic writers 'wankers'??
How do we know that Angel didn't know that a "happy" (in the true sense of the word) would cause him to lose his soul? I know Buffy didn't know but where was it established that Angel didn't either?
Maybe Angel's seeking an end to the happiness curse because after NFA, he wants* to really give a relationship with Nina a try? He knows Buffy's off baking her cookie dough in Europe with the Immortal, and even though Angel's "not getting any older", he's got something promising with Nina that might grow into real, life-altering love. Surviving the alleyway fight means he probably came away feeling like there's things worth living for, and that he's still on the planet for some reason. He went in expecting to die, so it could be he's finally coming around to the idea that he deserves a chance to enjoy life a little, even while he continues to do good.

I'm hearing from the comic aficionados here that IDW is a more expensive imprint than the usual color book, which makes me more inclined to pick up this up as a TPB.

Can't vouch for how many words JM's written, but I will say that as far as AtS novels go, his tend to be pretty good ones. Excellent interview that answered a lot of questions I might have asked myself, while leaving plenty else to chew over.

* [I love how I can't even talk about these characters without referring to them in the present tense, as if they're living in the here-and-now like actual people.]
WWBD, if Angel had known that a "happy" would cause him to lose his soul, he'd never have gone all-the-way with Buffy in the first place. So, no, he didn't know.
Thought some of our more comic bookish posters might like to know according to a poster in this thread at Newsarama, there will be a variant cover for issue #1.
Dang. Now I'm leaning towards buying it outright. Who needs to eat, right? Well, at least I've got a headstart on saving my pennies. ;)
Very interesting interview.
Specially this one:

NASO: The IDW press release hints that Angel is trying to reverse his curse. Can you talk about why he might want to give up his soul?

MARIOTTE: Reversing his curse was not exactly the right choice of words. He's fine with a soul he just doesn't want the "perfect happiness" clause that's attached to it. Look at it from his point of view he's given of himself time and again, saved the world from one apocalypse after another. Is it so bad to ask a simple favor for himself?

Do you think that Joss will let him to remove that clause?

But im a bit annoyed by the "approval" and "input" questions.

MARIOTTE: That's definitely true. On the other hand, there is probably no other writer who's written as many words about Angel as I have.

Ok, this guy wrote fanfics and guides, not TV episodes. Thats very arrogant, i must say.

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