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February 09 2005

Angel and Buffy nominated for 31st Annual Saturn Awards. Angel gets nominated for Best Network TV Series and James Marsters and Amy Acker feature in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories. Buffy seasons 2 and 3 are nominated for Best DVD Television Release.

Stiff competition from Lost but I have a feeling our show will win Best Network TV Series.

Oh that is exciting..
So when do the winnners get announced?
I hope Cahrlie Kaufman wins for best screenplay.
Go James and Amy!!!
Since when is Blade:Trinity a horror movie? Last I heard, it was mostly a comedy.

I almost flipped when I didn't see Terry O' Quinn's name up there with Matthew Fox but yay, he did get nominated. But boo, its for supporting actor. Why is he and Dominique relegated to supporting actor just because Fox's character has the qualities of a "male lead". When you look at the storyline, Fox's character has been taking a backseat the last few episodes and Terry O'Quinn's Locke is getting alot more coverage. In shorter words, thats BS man!

And do you think they meant seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy and not 2 and 3 since season 2 came out 3 years ago, and season 3 2 years ago?
eddy the thought had crossed my mind as well that they had made a mistake.

nixygirl the award ceremony will take place on May 3rd, so we should know the day after regarding who won what.
The DVD nominations in general are kind of odd. Starship Troopers 2 and Bionicle 2 are up for Best DVD? That's really scraping the bottom of the barrel... And nothing against the fine work of Abbott & Costello and the Marx Brothers, but I wouldn't exactly classify them as SciFi/Fantasy.
I hope Amy is able to claim the award back-to-back... her work as both Fred/Illyria in 2004 is more than worthy of it
How?! What?! Huh?! Where is Alexis Denisof? He should definately be nominated for best supporting, he blew every other male actor out of the water (although no one can touch Amy Acker). That's just dead wrong.
And when it comes to best DVD release, Starship Troopers 2 and Bionicle 2 might have had great extras. That's what they base the nomination on, the whole package. It's less important if the movie itself is an Oscar candidate or a Razzie candidate, if it's a quality DVD then it get's a nomination.
Also, Buffy season 2 & 3? Wasn't season 6 & 7 released last year? Odd...
I really look forward to next year's Saturn and watch Serenity make a clean sweep! :)

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Yeah, I think 'Angel' will take the nod for Best Network TV Series. 'Lost' will be a real challenge, but I've noticed in the past that the panel tends to lean toward Joss' work. The rest of the shows in that category weren't quite at their peaks in 2004 season. And, of course, both James and Amy are most deserving to win Best Supporting Actor/Actress. I believe Amy knocked everyone for a loop with her acting talent in playing out the Fred/Illyria roles.

I may add that I expect Joss Whedon and 'Serenity' will dominant the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards film categories next year.
Bit off topic but with the anniversary of the Angel cancellation announcement coming up (*spits*), while I was googling some news, I came across these two items, which made me smile and I thought I share.

From the San Jose Mercury News, 27th Jan:
“It may tell you something about the current state of the WB -- which is not good -- that it is developing a show called "Nobody's Watching." (Executives admitted the series' title might be changed.) And it may tell you even more that the biggest star that the WB -- once home to the hottest teen dramas -- could muster for its presentation here was . . . Faye Dunaway.”

From the Time Warner financial results for 2004 full year report, 4th Feb:
“Networks (Turner Broadcasting, HBO and The WB Network) Full-Year Results
Revenues rose 7% to $9.1 billion, benefiting from growth in both Subscription and Advertising revenues. Subscription revenues climbed 10% due to higher rates and increased subscribers at Turner and HBO. The 8% growth in Advertising revenues includes an 11% increase at the Turner networks, while The WB Network was flat.”

I wonder if one could possibly have something to do with the other!

PS I fully intend to be bitter until about the next millennium.
Awww, love Terry O'Quinn's wonderful Locke, (and the supporting category is rough, to say the least) but... GO JAMES!! Go AMY! Go ANGEL. Go BUFFY!!
How?! What?! Huh?! Where is Alexis Denisof? He should definately be nominated for best supporting, he blew every other male actor out of the water (although no one can touch Amy Acker).

Exactly. I cannot believe how much Alexis' talent has been overlooked. His acting always left me in awe. Of course, being a total Wesley fan may bias me a bit.
I wonder if we can get some fans at the Saturn Awards this year. Remember last year Saving Angel presented Joss with a check for the money we raised for the International Red Cross. It'd be nice to have a contingent there to lend support again this year. Prove that we will not fade away.
Um--what is an actor from Nip/Tuck doing on in a sci-fi/fantasy awards list? I admit I don't watch the show, but am I wrong--where's the sci-fi/fantasy? Unless you consider the entire soapiness & the concept of plastic surgery fantasy in itself? ;-)
"the biggest star that the WB -- once home to the hottest teen dramas -- could muster for its presentation here was . . . Faye Dunaway.”

Such a shame...

(insert maniacle laughter here)

And, where was Donnie Darko on the DVD list???

Also thank you Simon for telling me the dates
Anyone know where they're held? Maybe I'll go stalk scope them out...
Tuesday, May 3, at the Universal City Hilton Hotel
It´s nice to see some recognition :D

Good luck to James and Amy (especially she).
Hey Gypsy I totally agree with you about Alexis not getting nominated. He was robbed. But on a happy note congrats to James and Amy and I hope they win.

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