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February 09 2005

Eric Wight on the status of Buffy Animated. The animator tells USA Today "It just kills me that it hasn't happened yet, but it's such a hard thing, because Buffy is so ... it breaks all boundaries of entertainment, you know?".

And cheers to Whedonesque's favourite USA Today columnist for the interview.

This kills me. A classic Jane E. BtVS comedy script, and we may never see it.


Still don't feel better.
Nice interview. Another aspect of producing I hadn't really thought about before.
BTW does anyone know who ghost-drew Angel's sketches and drawings?
Still holding out hope that someday we'll get to see Buffy Animated. Maybe they'll end up on DVD. If and when that happens, I'm there!
Just make it an direct to DVD show and post the first episode online as a teaser. I'm pretty sure that would catch most fans attention. :)
Networks think they knew what to do with it in the beginning, and now, even though it's a success, they don't know what to do with the cartoon. "Is it a cartoon for kids? Is it for adults? Should it be in primetime? Should it be Saturday morning?"

Cable. Cable, cable, cable. BtAS would fit great into Adult Swim. Or cartoon network. If broadcast networks would take the kind of chances that cable networks do, they'd have a lot of success. Look at The Simpsons, and the success of Family Guy. And Futurama was a cult hit (that should never have been cancelled). Network execs are profoundly stupid.
Does he mean they're not getting made....permanantly!?! I dont think I'll be able to deal with it!
That's so awesome that Eric is doing Seth's sketches on The OC. I've been a fan of his ever since he kindly clarified his position on fan comissions here at Whedonesque. I'll be looking for his book this fall.
I am utterly pissed off. You would think that the networks know that Joss has a rabid fan base and Buffy and Angel both had millions of viewers. Why aren't they picking this up? They are idiots. Joss please come to cable.
You just kind of get used to the weird politics and the weird, for the lack of a better term, pissing contest that happens when everyone's trying to get a piece of the action. For all the crap that's on television, there are so many great things that fall by the wayside because of all the politicking that goes on.

Kill ... Smash ... arrrrgggghhhh!!! This is all just. so. wrong. BtAS would sell mad copies! It would be ginormously huge! Why are they just sitting on it? For god's sake, at least put it out on DVD! I mean, we're talking merry loads of cash here -- which is, I'm given to understand, what the Hollywood "game" is all about (at least when people take the time from being cracked out or getting augmentation to play it). So what's the problem?

Oh, wait. Idiots. How could I forget....

Re: Glad to find out who's behind Seth's drawings. I almost never watch The O.C., but last week I happened to catch the scene where Summer finds the book hidden under his bed and takes a peek. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they were while still being believably drawn by someone his age.

ER doesn't have to worry about that old "keep your day job" comment, that's for sure. He's really talented. Shame we won't get to know his work any better in our corner of the 'verse....
"The last thing I did last year, I guess we did a four-minute pilot..."

...There's a four minute pilot out there.. somewhere! Dang that'd be the coolest thing to get one's hands on since the first half hour pilot of the Buffy series itself.

Buffy Animated is a hard project to peg because it isn't exactly for kids. You couldn't put it on Saturday morning. However, I don't know if it'd take off for prime time either, even on cable. It's not like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and it's not The Simpsons. It wouldn't always be funny every twenty seconds; at least I don't think it should be.

If they did it right, and didn't try to cater to the mainstream, it'd be wonderful for us fans of the live action series, but it just wouldn't appeal to the masses, and if they tried to make it work for the masses, then it would get watered down and there'd be things they'd shy away from.

There'd have to be a network out there willing to take a risk, and I don't see any network with balls nowadays. They're all afraid of their own shadow after the Janet Jackson fiasco last year. The tame banality of this year's Superbowl is evidence of that. Some commercials were even rejected, and for stupid reasons. Buffy Animated is daring. It threatens to cross thresholds and enter areas cartoons just haven't properly explored before. It would be great, but I just don't think the world's ready for it.
"It would be great, but I just don't think the world's ready for it."

The world or America? Big difference. The American advertising companies had to resort to showing monkeys and apes doing things they couldn't show humans doing. Ridiculous.
I think BtAS would be a good fit on Adult Swim, if they chose to cater to a more adult audience.
Not everything on AS is strictly comedy, just cartoons that are geared to a more mature audience than grade school students.
If they did it right it right, I'm sure they could pull in some good numbers.
It's too bad, I was desperately looking forward to seeing this happen.

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