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February 09 2005

Joss Whedon Honored With Library Donation. "The Whedonverse Multimedia Project honors its namesake, Joss Whedon, with a donation to his hometown library."

Just in time for the 1st anniversary for the cancellation of Angel.

Which, jewel, happens to coincide with my 50th birthday.

I will continue to be a solo's working pretty well so far.
Well then, happy birthday!
Hey yea, Happy 50 from me too.
Well, today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to Me!!! I really hope fans will support this Project even if all you can do is stop by the forum and say "hi!" it would mean alot to me. :)
Love the project and love the press release, killinj. I'll drop by the forum and say 'hi' later today. I'll also post the press release on my site.
Very nice press release. Made me smile.

And happy birthday to you both!
That's very cool.
This is outstanding news. Many people within this room have worked in building this project. I'm in bliss to see it happen.
This is awesome! I love anytime Joss and his creations get the recognition they deserve. The more Buffy/Angel/Firefly is made available to people who would otherwise not discover it, the more likely the Jossverse will go down as the biggest and most lucrative Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchise in history, knocking George Lucas off the charts. Here's hoping...(yes, I dream big)

And two days ago was my birthday, so can I join in the birthday love too? ;)
Aquarians rock!

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Yes you can electricspacegirl. Happy birthday to you and killinj and ChrisinVirginia!
It's y'all's birthdays too? Woah. That's eerie. Yeah, February 9th is my birthday too. Happy B-Day to my fellow water bearers.

I can't imagine a greater honor than to have the efforts of one's work donated to the library of his own hometown. I applaud the people of The Whedonverse Multimedia Project. That's just too cool.

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Happy Birthday to everyone! Boy February is a popular month for birthdays. My brother, sister and husband all have their birthdays this month.

This is such a great project and the libraries that benefited from the donations seemed really happy about it.
I wish a happy birthday to Chris inVirginia, killinj, electricspacegirl, and ZachsMind. I'm a Leo, guess that's why I get along so well with you all.

This news really made my week and I salute the fine people of The Whedonverse Multimedia Project for their efforts. I encourage everyone to donate if they are able. Next time at store, pick up a DVD box set and drop it off at your local library. Trust me, they will be most appreciative of your gift. The libraries I've donated to can't even keep these DVDs on the shelf, instead they have a waiting list of people wanting to check them out.
Happy Birthday all! The donation of these dvds to Joss's and the Whedonverse actors towns is a great idea.
Madhatter - are you the same madhatter that submitted a donation to our tally? I need to clarify some things about it.

[ edited by killinj on 2005-02-10 17:27 ]
killinj, if you mean the DVD set donations, I think so. Please feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have.
I emailed you last night.
Got it. Sorry for the delay. I was a 39 week baby and I'm still slow in playing with others :)

[ edited by Madhatter on 2005-02-10 21:17 ]
I think this is a fabulous idea and a great way to ensure everyone gets to see Joss' work. I've been pondering what to do with my spare Firefly DVD set and I think I will drop it in at my local library.
Thanks Madhatter! 39 week old baby - I'm surprised you're even awake! I applaud your generousity!
Yep, Cider, and anyone else thinking about how to help "spread the word". I have supported this project, and I have also personally donated a Firefly set to our local library. I strongly encourage anyone thinking about it to do the same. It's kind of a lift to call up the library catalog and see the DVDs you donated constantly checked out or on hold. If you do donate, please check with the head of collections that the DVDs will be added to circulation and not just sold - you can make your donation contengent on that. Different libraries have different policies.
Oh, I forgot to mention. In case anyone was wondering how he'd find out about it other than reading about it here, the Project sent Joss Whedon a Valentine's Day card announcing the donation in his honor. :)

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