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February 10 2005

Zap2it rates Fox's Midseason Shows 'The Inside' and 'Point Pleasant'. High praise (tempered with caution) for Tim Minear's new show and it's reckoned Marti Noxon's show won't outlast its original order.

And in some what related gossipy news apparently it's all over for Arrested Development.

And in some what related gossipy news apparently it's all over for Arrested Development

Damn it! Why must everything good get cancelled lately?
Nice to read good things about The Inside though. Don't like the doomed talk, but let's be honest it's what we all fear deep down, let's just hope we're proved wrong in the biggest possible way :)
I can't wait to see more of 'The Inside'... definitely looks interesting

why must every quality TV series be cancelled.

Arrested Development was so good, and though the ratings may not be great, how can they cancel series that get such high praise, why can't the quality shows stay on the air rather than season after season of The Simple Life?

I know Simon was right about Enterprise, but please let him be wrong about this.

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Well it's definately not looking good for AD sadly:

"Fox reduces Arrested Development’s episode order to make room for American Dad. Looks like the network has finally run out of patience with AD’s ratings…or American Dad/Family Guy (which is being relaunched there soon) creator Seth MacFarlane has some incriminating pictures of Fox head Gail Berman"
I suspect that they are making tons of cash off of these 'low-rated but quality' shows that are all coming out on dvd. No actors to pay, no production costs, and a fan base willing to pony up for multiple sets multiple times. Seems like killing a show is the new way to make money off of it.

Look at Wonderfalls. They didn't even let it air past four episodes in, yet the dvd includes all of the eps, causing angry fans to beg for the release, and to eagerly empty their wallets. Wonderfalls is now making more money than they ever dreamed.
Now if only we can get those pictures to Tim Minear, we'd be in business. MacFarlane needs to share.
I like Family Guy and am eagerly awaiting it's return, but I was not that impressed by American Dad and I really can't see it improving, it was far too similar to Family Guy, and because of the huge similarities, even though I laughed out loud a few times, it's just not as good. I think American Dad should have been canned when they decided to bring Family Guy back.

And it would seem that Fox are all to keen to get rid of Arrested Development when they do it on basis that the first episode of a heavilly advertised show, shown after a brand new heavilly advertised Simpsons, on Superbowl night, did quite well.

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Ok, why doesn't FOX just move Arrested Development to their cable channel FX where the ratings expectations aren't as high? I distinctly recall the FX President saying that he would prefer to have quality shows with a loyal audience. Although, he didn't bother to pick up Angel. *grumble* *grumble* Someone should keep these shows on the air.
I agree with the similarities between American Dad and Family Guy. My theory is that Seth M wrote American Dad to tell the stories that he'd already planned to tell with Family Guy before it got cancelled. Then of course the impossible happened and FG is coming back - I just hope the jokes aren't now stretched too thin being shared by 2 shows.
I guess two things here. First, although it's definitely not a good sign that Arrested Development got cut to 18 episodes, that isn't the same as getting cancelled. So still some hope there. And second, the phrase "FOX seems to enjoy tearing out Minear's still-beating heart" is the funniest thing I've heard in a while. It's funny because it's true :-(
Ok i take offense to the critic at Zap2it, saying that The Inside is doomed and won't last. I mean with negative people like this its no wonder shows get cancelled so early.
I am truley anticipating this show. I cannot wait.
Tim Minear is a genius in my mind, he is the closest thing to Joss that has worked at ME.
And full props to Mort for breaking the Arrested Development story last night in a thread that, alas, had to be deleted.
My condolences about 'Arrested Development'. Never had the opportunely to view it, but I know the critics rave over the show and it has a very loyal fanbase.

Also haven't been able to watch 'Point Pleasant' as it hasn't been aired here yet. And judging from the reviews which have not been kind, it may never will. Come on, Marti. Pull out the stops and put some creative spin on it. Gosh, we know what she's capable of producing.

Hope 'The Inside' has a solid opening. I'll be crushed if Tim gets slapped down again. I can only sigh as I watch the networks push aside such promising talent while embracing more CSI look alikes and mind dulling reality. This article did point out one subject that I fear will doom many shows if they aren't a success in three or four airings. FOX and NBC are taking a beating from ABC and CBS in the ratings race and it isn't sitting well with these former network bullies. The NBC suits are still scratching their heads trying to get a handle on things, but I smell an air of desperation in the FOX camp. Afraid we may see more shows following the same fate as 'Wonderfalls' and 'Firefly' from this network. I hope they prove me wrong in this matter.

Though this is a bit off-topic, I rather not close on a negative note and this may put a smile on a face or three. 'Lost' ratings are growing steadily and are pushing that 20 million viewer mark. As for 'Alias', didn't get the numbers, but their fourth season opening ratings were off the chart. So fortune is smiling on a few of our Buffy writers.
I don't think I can handle it if AD gets canceled. I've decided that the TV PTB know when I love a show and pick on me intentionally.
The 'still-beating heart' line is hysterical and sadly accurate.

However, the concept that Nelson Families (those magical viewing elves that represent us all) aren't tuning into PP because of Marti resentment is odd, & a bit revealing of some personal animus on our writer's part. No one outside the little BTVS world knows/cares who Ms. Noxon is.
Well, I can't say I'm surprised by the PP news. I've really given this show a chance and it just isn't interesting to me. My daughter likes it and, because of her, I've been watching it but it hasn't grown on me at all. It has gotten a little better but I don't see it getting good enough that people will feel it is "must see tv". I'm going to break the news to my daughter about it most likely not coming back and hopefully I won't have to watch it tonight.

And, sadly, I can't say I'm surprised about the AD news either. This is Fox afterall and they haven't seemed to change one bit. I haven't had any faith in them since they cancelled Firefly and they haven't done anything to make me change my mind about that either.
I am not a fan of Fox at all, however AD is lagging pretty bad in the ratings, it has been on the air for 2 years now unlike Firefly/Wonderfalls. Fox should move it to another location like during the week. I love the show and own first season on DVD so i hope they give it one more season.
I watched the third episode of Point Pleasant last night, it had slightly improved. But saying that, the teenagers are still incredibly bland (are they cloning these actors?). Grant Snow on the other hand is fun. I do like an actor who relishes his role. Make him the lead. I'd quite happily watch a show where Boyd goes around corrupting people.

The Inside I can't wait to watch. For some reason it's reminding of me of Touching Evil (the original UK version) which was very dark and didn't take any prisoners in terms of story telling.
That's how I feel Simon, I like the Grant Snow guy and he is the best part of this show but they need more characters like him that draw you in. The teenage cast is just so boring to me. I don't really like any of them at all.
It's Grant Show, not Snow. Yes, he is a reason to watch. I also like Richard Burgi, Aubrey Dollar and Susan Walters. Dina Meyer is wearing thin as the perennial trollop, though.

And I'm still DVR-ing and hoping it'll get better.
Point Pleasant is gaining a little momentum. However, something is missing on that show. I can't put my finger on it but it needs a little something more. As far as Tim's how...I have not seen it.

I just say they all quit their current shows, colaborate on a new Buffy/Anglerverse project ASAP. lol. :-)
i like point pleasant. it could be better, but its still interesting. and i agree, grant show is the best part of the show. he really makes his character come to life.
My issue with PP is how overtly religious it is. I prefer Carnivale, which does the battle of good vs. evil in a much less preachy manner.

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I tried to watch 'Point Pleasant', really I did. I even sat down and tried two different episodes. Couldn't sit through either. I loved some of Marti's work on BtVS, but I'm sorry, PP is just awful.
If Fox cancels Arrested Development, I might cry, like, really. But, while the shortened season is definitely not a good sign, I sort of recall FOX putting the show on hold for last year's May sweeps, too, and the network claims the show was never in danger of not being renewed back then. least there's that?

Oh, and PP has been getting better, at least. My main problem with it is that it always feels a little...disjointed or something.

[ edited by VampiresSuckLOLOLGetIt on 2005-02-10 22:34 ]
I fear it's the first step towards cancellation for AD because surely there's enough weeks between now and May 1st to fit in the intended 14 episodes left of the season, but instead they've just decided to make less. Shame that the networks seem to have forgotten that for the first three seasons Seinfeld didn't do well, but they knew it was too good a show to cancel.

Caught 5 minutes of Point Pleasant while flicking through the channels during the commercials the other day, wasn't impressed, might have stuck around if I wasn't already watching something else.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-02-10 22:11 ]
Yup - I continue my sad march for Arrested Development. All I can say is in 6 weeks I'll have my first kid and probably not have as much time for tv anymore! Although tivoing PP and The Inside will be a must (and buying Lost on dvd since I am so far behind and forgot to season pass it... dagnabit!).
PP is okay so far, except the first three episodes have all been EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Once you've watched the 'previously on' bit you don't actually need to watch the episode that follows... I'm sticking with it though - lots of good shows had ropey beginnings.
I thought it was Grant Show but Simon had wrote Snow (probably a typo) and I was too lazy to look it up - so there :p
I know PP wouldn't last long when I heard they cast Dina Meyer. The last two shows she's been (Birds of Prey and Miss Match), only lasted 13 eps or so. True, Birds was very flawed, but still, the woman has the kiss of death.
Maybe but she can't touch Rena Sofer for the most-shows-I-was-in-that-got-cancelled title ;)
This is true! Rena totally brought down Melrose Place, but that was more the writers' fault. And that Coupling remake was a trainwreck from the start. But, NBC was desperate for a big hit, and desperate times . . .
PP = First couple of eps awful, last week's marginally better. The painfully obvious dialogue has to improve, and some more visual way of demonstrating Christina's personal moral dilemma needs fleshing out. Desperately. Make me care that she might get angry, like it's something that comes from outside her, that shocks her (and us) with its power, instead of coming off like a bitty, foot-stampy temper tantrum. Show me she's struggling with herself in private, when nobody's watching.

AD = I figured it couldn't last much longer. It's FOX, after all. They used to be genuinely, intelligently edgy, and now it's like they're fraying at the seams.

The Insider = Crossing my digits and looking cautiously forward to this. And just how many hearts does TM have, anyway?
I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Point Pleasant isn't engrossing because they started all the crazy evil mayhem way too soon. They skipped over the part where they are supposed to flesh out the characters and make you understand and like them. They should have spent weeks having us get to know the characters, with an interesting, crazy event happening every episode. Then they would have shown Christina unraveling, learning that she's causing the crazy events, and THEN let us in on the secret: that Christina is The Child of Darkness. In the meantime, they could have fleshed out the love interest (can't remember his name), and made the chemistry and sexual tension between him and Christina believable.

The writers are telling the story way too fast. I see so many ways it could have been done better. Slowing it down, creating a mood and fleshing out the dynamics between the featured characters. Because they didn't do this, most of us could care less about any of them, so when they suffer, the feeling is more "oh, well", than "oh, my god!" At least that's the way it feels for me.

That said, I still think Elisabeth Harnois is doing a great job making me care about Christina, regardless of the weak story she's been given. I think she's too good for this show. I'd love to see what she could do with a Joss penned script.

Oh, but I'm still going to watch tonight's episode. The Daughter of Satan idea is still interesting to me, and I kind of have a girl-crush on Harnois, not to mention not having anything better to do with my time.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-02-11 05:57 ]
Tonight's episode of Point Pleasant was actually...really good. Good enough to make me sad if it's canceled, whereas last week I wouldn't have cared less.
Melisandre, you are so right. Tonight's PP was amazing. I'm totally liking the characters now. I can't figure out why the sudden change in writing style, but tonight's totally worked. I hope they stick with that. The show is finally becoming really compelling. I love Judy and Boyd (even though Boyd is evil) and Christina. Wow. I'm just thrown because this show kind of really sucked before. And doesn't. Oh, I'll hate if this gets cancelled.

Does anyone know who wrote this episode? I can't find the info anywhere.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-02-11 08:10 ]
Yeah, tonight's episode surprised the heck out of me. I actually got INTO it, which is like a first. The only thing I truly like on tv these days (and it has become such a cliche to say it now) is desperate housewives...
PP – so far I have seen 3 episodes and I agree with the ‘disjointed’ comment completely. I keep having the oddest and slightly disorienting sensation that somehow I have looked away and missed 5 minutes and the show has jumped to a different place. The teenage cast sucks big time.

Sigh, I loved Buffy season 6, I want to say nice things about Marti. This is no fun at all. We are one episode behind the US, so hopefully it will get better.
PP: I thought it was a lot less heavyhanded. Is the music better? It seemed funnier, but still could do with more quippage. Really starting to like Mr Boyd.
Well I watched it all the way through for the first time. Oh brother. I got so sick of Christina and that Cordelia rip-off hatefully staring at each other on the dance floor! Who does that? *rolls eyes* I mean shot after shot of them glaring at each other? What a waste of time. The male characters seem a bit clueless, don't they? And the bloody shower? Please. How tired is that?

Grant Show is the only good thing on that show, from what I've seen. Even veteran Dina Meyer was overacting much, and talking like she had vaseline on her teeth so she didn't want to close her mouth.

And what's with all the really bad hair styles and horrible lighting on everyone's faces? You can see every pore and bumpy blemish they have!

Didn't dig it at all.
I've been especially harsh on Point Pleasant (mainly because the show's deserved harshness), but I actually enjoyed most of last night's episode. The parallel stories of the 2005 and 1935 dance marathons were set up well, the Depression-era costuming and make-up were dead on, and there was a big, bright spotlight on Grant Show's Lucas Boyd, which made the less compelling elements of the show tolerable.

As far as I'm concerned, the big step up in the storyline was the shift in Boyd's approach towards Christina. Rather than appeal to her eeeeevil heritage (with an air of smugness that would have me telekinetically shooting him off into space), he sat down with Christina at the end and talked to her about her loneliness. It was a lot more emotionally engaging, and it'll probably be more effective than his "sardonic puppet master" approach.

The teen romance material is still drippy (and that's not a pun on the episode's shower scene), but Terry and Judy both started up potentially interesting storylines (Judy "cheating" on her dead sister, and Terry desperately searching for a way to help his sick father). Not the greatest, but better than watching Jesse and Paula pout/model for us.

Christina? I go back and forth about her. Sometimes I like her, and other times I just wish she'd go away and let Boyd mindf*** the town.

I'll keep watching. (If it's still on the air, that is.)
I also thought last night's episode was better but that's because it showcased Boyd. He's the best thing about this show. And Willowy, I also was totally annoyed with the stare down contest between the two girls. I even said to my daughter, "No one would do that!".

Plus I can't get over the fact that I think the lead girl is supposed to look like Buffy. They seem to have her copying Buffy's/SMG's mannerisms - you know how Buffy kind of has her head tilted down and will look up with her eyes only? Well Christina is constantly doing that type of thing and it makes me think of Buffy everytime. And I also think the young priest looks an awful lot like a thinner Xander/NB.

But I did think tonight's episode was better but I would want more Boyd in the show because I do think his character is the best one of the show.

And ESG - I totally agree with you that they have totally rushed everything and characters that we are supposed to like and identify with just ain't happening because we don't know enough about them to care.

And Wiseblood, your spot on with that observation of Christina seeming to be throwing pouty little temper tantrums and it's a wonder that none of the other characters haven't noticed her stopping and staring intently and then something happening. I'd like it better if she seemed to go into a trance and then something happens but she seems to know what she's doing.

But I have seen improvement in the last couple of episodes, and my daughter does really like it so I'll keep watching and hoping it continues to get better (unless Fox cancels it - which is most likely going to happen).

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