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December 28 2002

It's Official: Brits love Buffy. The show got voted the favourite TV programme of the last ten years by UK viewers.

So now that we've established we in the UK are more fanatical about BtVS than the US, can we please see the show first Mr Whedon?

And the top ten favourite shows of the last 10 years in the UK are:

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
2. Inspector Morse
3. The Bill
4. The X-Files
5. Coronation Street
6. Friends
7. EastEnders
8. Pop Idol
9. Big Brother
10. Martin Bashir's interview with Princess Diana on Panorama

Wow. Maybe the BBC will start treating the show a little better, not pre-empting for Snooker, Bloody Snooker. Or worse... Monster Trucks. I've never seen The Bill, it's like the quintessential cop show, isn't it?

Seeing that interviews were eligible, I think I would have voted for... Melvin Bragg's interview with Dennis Potter, which had Potter alternating swigs of liquid morphine and champagne, and still so bloody lucid about the two television plays he was trying to finish before his death while also manipulating the BBC and Channel 4 into having to cooperate in broadcasting them.

Any info on the demographics of that vote?
The voting was conducted by phoning a certain number to record your vote for your favourite TV show. I checked ITV's teletext pages and the total number of votes for the poll was 1354 *ahem* and BtVS got 25% of the vote.

But still, a great result for BtVS anyhow and it grabs the attention of the headlines.

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