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February 10 2005

"I Want Buffy" on The L Word, demands Jennifer Beals. One of the stars of Showtime's popular lesbian drama The L Word wants Sarah Michelle Gellar to appear on the show.

SMG is reportedly "flattered". Interesting. Angel's Laurel Holloman is on this show, too. Could this mean that Buffy/Justine 'shippers (you know who you are) may finally get their moment? Will Mr. Pointy make a cameo appearance? The possibilities boggle the mind.

She's also stated that she'd have loved to have played Buffy, or at least appeared in the series, as playing someone that empowered appeals to her.
Has anyone here watched The L Word? Is it any good? I don't have cable so I haven't seen it. I would hope it's better than Queer as Folk (the U.S. version). I tried to get into that and the character development is just too weak for my tastes.
Jennifer Beals is a huge Buffy fan. InStyle magazine did a piece on her a while ago and she fessed up in the interview.
The L Word is indeed better than QAF US. There is stilll some gratuitous sex (after all, it is Showtime), but on the whole, the writing, storylines, acting, and character development is much, much better. I still love my campy little QAF, but The L Word is much more mature, even though it does have its eyeball-roll moments (Lisa the male lesbian comes to mind). :)

As for SMG on L -- I'd love to see it happen. I don't think it will, but still. Now, Eliza on L -- oh baby!
Is it correct to label the show as a lesbian drama? I thought it was simply a show about women, featuring a predominantly female cast, and that the sexuality of the characters was split about half and half between straight and Did I hear wrong?

I've been looking at maybe renting The L Word 'cause I heard good things about it (first season is out on DVD), plus there're a number of talented actors in it. Apparently it'll be premiering in Canada on Showcase next week though, so maybe I'll try catching it every Thursday.

Thanks both of you for specifying Queer As Folk the U.S. version (more like the "half-and-half Canadian/U.S. version", since Toronto is standing in for Pittsburg and a good chunk of the cast, crew, and supporting players/background extras are Canadian). The original UK series was far superior, much better written. I really like a few of the actors in the US version though, and every once in a blue moon they'll have a scene or two, maybe an episode or short story arc even, that plays honestly. It's a guilty pleasure most of the time, but I might be sad to see it go when the fifth and final season concludes this summer.
It's a really really good show. and yeah, qaf-uk is a million times better than it's north american counterpart....but the north american counterpart has Hal Sparks....*~*sighs*~*
Mr Pointy in a cameo role!
Now that wold be something to see!

Maybe not...
but the north american counterpart has Hal Sparks....*~*sighs*~*

And to bring it all back to Buffy... Hal Sparks is the lead singer in a band which has Rob Hall as the bass player. Rob Hall is the man behind Almost Human, the special effects make-up house which made many of the monsters etc. for Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. I keep telling my friends that I can make anything in life come back to Buffy! LOL :)

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There should be a six degrees of Buffy website.
lol, how cool would that be?
Will Mr Pointy make a cameo appearance

Well, it would have to be a cameo, because, lets face it, he wouldn’t be able to keep it up that long ;-)
Ha, my friend and I talk about the six degrees of Buffy all the time. It does seem there is a connection almost everywhere we look.
Probably not likely to happen, but must admit that a similar scene as the one with the Selma Blair kiss in 'cruel intentions' would give a ratings boost to any show.
Surprised she didn't mention Alyson Hannigan and/or Amber Benson though.
L Word is mainly about gay woman, and it is a soap opera. I quite nejoy it. There is also some very fine acting in it, no question. I would love to see Amber Benson in the show, to tell the truth, not that she needs the typecasting or anything. :-)
The show focuses on a group of people who are predominantly lesbians. The few episodes that I have watched have been quality television. The writing, directing, acting et al has been quite good. That said, it doesn't engage me personally... other than the gratuitous nudity of course. Jennifer Beals is rather aesthetically pleasing.

But I suppose that I would describe it as a social drama that focuses on the lives and loves of the people involved. Those types of shows have never appealed to me, if I wanted to watch regular people dealing with normal situations I would go out and get a life.

I want my entertainment to be bigger than life where I can escape into something that I couldn't just walk down the street and see. Gimme that genre goodness but for those who like the mundane world enough to live it all day and then sit down to watch someone else live it for an hour - The L Word might be what you're looking for.
mmmm, I would love to see Sara on this show. It turns me on just thinking about it, and I'm a hetero female. I've never seen this show since I don't have Showtime, but it sounds interesting. I've seen Flashdance probably close to 100 times (seriously).
... I think I'm the only one who likes Queer As Folk (US). The second season sucked and the third took a while to get going but went out with a bang - and the first season blew me away.

Clearly, nobody here has any taste. I'm just sayin'.

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