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February 11 2005

James Marsters Site Warns of Ebay Scam. "Someone is offering personalized autographed photos of James through e-bay. Please know that this is a scam and James is not in any way involved".

I found a seller based in the UK offering the personalized photos for $100 each.

If you're quoting from the website you're linking to, remember to put double speechmarks around the text. I've amended your subject line to do so.

And it's always a sad state of affairs when people rip off fans in such a manner.
I'm glad James (or someone on his staff) is keeping up with this sort of thing though. Good on him.
I'm glad James (or someone on his staff) is keeping up with this sort of thing though. Good on him.

My guess is that a few fans noticed and wrote his manager. That's usually how these things get noticed.
True, however, I think its impressive that his manager actually reads and acts upon mail he gets from JM's fans.
Someone based in the US is offering them too - they seem to be expecting to be able to get James to personalise a large number for them at a UK event. If his manager's noticed, I don't fancy their chances.
I think that Mr. Himber has been getting a daily dose of mail from James fans about one ebayer in particular who has been swiping the autograph photos from his site and selling them as 4x6. Not to mention that this same individual has been selling photos taken by other fans who would post them on the web, then copy them and sell them on ebay as well as 4x6. The people who contacted the seller and ebay over the past few monthes but nothing was being done about it, so they took the complaint to Mr. Himber.
Yup, apparently there are all sorts of unsavory individuals who sell "pictures" on ebay that are basically 4x6 print outs from photos they've taken from various fan websites, without permission, of course. They're not autographed photographs at all, but copies of them! Amazing chutzpah!

There's a thread here at MoreThanSpike discussing one such dubious seller who has over 300 BtVS or AtS-related "photos" for sale at ebay.

I'm sure most Whedonesquers (-ettes? -squires?) wouldn't fall for such an obvious sham, but apparently there's a sucker born blah blah every minute.
The only real question I have is if I should be insulted or relieved that these people have not chosen any of the photos I have posted????


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One of the auctions ends in about 10 minutes (no bidders). As there was no info about where and when the photo was signed, I emailed the seller and asked. I'm interested to see what is said. And I questioned a second seller who also listed no real info (and didn't have the best rating, either).

There are 2 signed cards on auction, but the seller does say that they were signed at a convention—and has a photo of JM writing something. I didn't bug him!

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One seller is supposedly going to go up to James at Collectormania and get him to sign a bunch of photos and personalize them. To my knowledge, James has never done personalizations at conventions. Come to think of it, I don't think he tends to sign more than one auto per person either, although this event may be set up so that you have to pay for each autograph. At the conventions I've attended, there are one or two autograph sessions that come with the price of admission.

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