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February 11 2005

Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada on Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku. Quite frankly,it's one of the bizarrest features ever at Newsarama. And at Ain't It Cool News, you can read about Kevin's involvement in Sarah's new movie 'Southland Tales'.

And cheers to Wren for the heads up about AICN.

"That Buffy guy"... hahahaa kevin smith is such a loveable turd! From anyone else I would be angry as hell about that, but from him its just endearing.
I was interested to see Joe mention the following about Joss and Astonishing X-Men:

KEVIN: Twelve, and then out?
JoeyDaQ that's the word on the street
JoeyDaQ Yeah, his run has been great
KEVIN: Who'll follow him?
JoeyDaQ No idea who or if anyone will follow
JoeyDaQ We may just end the title there
KEVIN: And that artist... so good.
JoeyDaQ Cassaday is the man
KEVIN: God, he's good.
KEVIN: So you'll just let the title die?
JoeyDaQ I'm crazy like that

I know Mr Quesada has a reputation as a bit of a joker but it would be a bold move to end the series if Joss isn't coming back.
Hmm, it would be very bold, but how would you follow Joss? I'm still hoping they convince him to stay on, but judging from that it doesn't look likely :(
Great and candid chat. And so full of news, including, mmm, new Gaiman project.

And let's wish full steam ahead for Eliza as Black Cat in Spiderman (oops, "Spider-Man") 3. Wouldn't be my first choice, but she definitely deserves the shot and would be great.

Still not a huge Smith fan, but I agree with a lot of what he says here. Spidey 2 *was* great, and the X2 opening, with Kurt in the White House blew me away too. As Quesada says, they really nailed Nightcrawler in that scene. Too bad they kinda dropped him after that . . .

"How many issues is Buffy doing?" heh heh.
I'm happy Joss dipped into comics to do something he has a passion for but I can't wait til he pens an original movie script. I do hope he passes on Wonder Woman. I want something original that he created.
There's one thing I have to say about Kevin Smith: The man has great taste in comics.

The Helfer/Baker Shadow book -- I didn't think anyone else remembered those! Easily one of the funniest take-offs on an established character I've ever seen. Fall-out-of-your-chair funny stuff.

(Word is that the series was cancelled despite good sales -- the trademark owner of the character (Street & Smith?) read some issues and went ballistic.)
I'm glad Joss is getting praise for his comics work. Even when the praisers refer to him as "Buffy." Heh.

Gunn 2 N's - in the High Stakes party broadcast last November, Joss said he had just finished writing an original screenplay that spanned multiple genres (fantasy, scifi, adventure, etc.) So it's out there. Sky Bully willing, it'll be produced. I'm with you on wanting a Joss Original movie the most.
Phleb, I can't help but share this. The references to Joss as "Buffy" just keep bringing up this wonderful visual of JW, in a blonde wig, playing the pre-credit scene in the Gift: "But you're just a girl." "That's what I keep saying . . ." Talk about your post-post-feminist gender deconstruction!
SNT! That was off the charts funny. Def. the *giggle* for the day.
SNT, you just provoked flat-out laughter from me. Thanks for that.

Then again, am I going to be able to watch the pre-credit The Gift scene with a straight face anymore? Ah well, it's worth it. :)
That was a funny article. Two guys with the right type of humor. As for Smith, I like some of his stuff, but his run on DD left me underwhelmed to say the least. I kind of have to agree with his insecurities when compared to guys like Bendis or Joss. Nothing against him, but he's really not on their level as a writer I think. Made some cool movies though. And he has done a lot for comics as a medium in pop culture.

What really got to me though was the fact that Joe Q is apparently the pizza guy from the deleted Jay & Silent Bob scene where he 'does' ELiza! That was him? He got to dry-hump her? Never recognized him. Looked up some caps and yeah, now I can tell,

I'm afraid I'm unfamilliar with the SHadow book they mention. Was it a parody or something?

Still kinda funny btw that the Spiderman/Black Cat thing didn't get finished for years for no other reason than that Smith was insecure about it.

Btw, I agree Eliza isn't my first choice for Black Cat, but then again, she IS my first choice to see in an outfit like that. Again. Like in J&SB. Arf! Give her a platinum wig, I'll take it!
Simon said:
I know Mr Quesada has a reputation as a bit of a joker but it would be a bold move to end the series if Joss isn't coming back.

Not that bold a move, IMO. Don't X-books end all the time and then simply come back as something else? Astonishing X-Men will just come back as Incredible X-Men (woops, no, The Hulk has the monopoly on "incredible"). Personally I'm still waiting for them to apply the most obvious adjective, "The Excellent X-Men" or "eXcellent" or "Xcellent". They've already covered "Extreme", right? But yeah, #1 issues almost always sell better than #23s, so I could see them retiring the "Astonishing" moniker early. That pisses off a lot of longtime fans though. Didn't they try to re-launch Fantastic Four and The Avengers and the like after the Heroes Reborn fiasco was over with? And then eventually went back to the old 300+ issues numbering?
Strange interview I must say. I wonder if Joss we'll still be known as the Buffy guy in the next 5 or ten years, considering that Serenity (if everything goes as planned) becomes a huge success and other very Whedon creations florish in the screens and pages in the years to come.

Aside from SNT snarks, which made me laugh out loud, I do love that "That's what I keep saying" scene as one of the greatest moments in BtVS' 100th episode. But it's kinda unfair to call Joss merely by the "Buffy guy".

Well, just wandering in my thoughts right now. Don't worry if my this doens't quite read as rational as it is supposed to be.

Agree with Ed and the others, that Eliza is not my first choice for Black Cat, but she would kick ass in that suit, and the one she wore in J&SB is definetely a great template of how to portray it. Very Dig-able.
Actually, the outfit Eliza and the others wore in Jay and Silent Bob were supposed to be rip-offs of Black Widow's costume. Yes, i'm a huge geek, but I also watched the special feature were Kevin Smith explained the costumes. ;) But, yea, Eliza would definately fill out the Black Cat costume well.
Well, if you put some white fur on the edges of the J&SB outfit, you pretty much have the Black Cat's costume. Add a gold metal belt instead and you got the Widow. They're not exactly far apart on the fashion ladder so to speak, hehe. But hey it's all good;-)
I think Eliza would do GREAT as the Black Cat. She's a good actress, it's just tight competition among the Buffy cast, since all the girls were so amazing.

I'm just glad I'm not the only one stupidly happy to see Lockheed back.

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