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February 11 2005

Find Whedonesque Meetup Groups Near You. Better still, start one.

Check out this great initiative by electricspacegirl, who has set up a Whedonesque topic on, a website that enables people with similar interests to, well, meet up!

I had my name down for a Buffy meet up last year which was cancelled, due to lack of interest.
Kind of sad, and being that if Buffy wasn't drawing the crowds, I doubt that the wonderful Joss would.

But I may be wrong, so I will start one in a few weeks.
You live in Australia don't you nixygirl? From what I can remember we have a fair number of Australian posters here, so start one and see what happens :).
Yea, I think I will Simon, it can't hurt to give it a go.
This is just a completely off-the-cuff idea, but how about, as each user signs in, having a script ask for username, password, and, for those users who had not given it, something like a country, state/province, zip/postal code.

Users could at least be encouraged by the idea that people ARE actually near to them and should try to start a group based on real numbers.
Yay! Thanks for posting the link, Caroline. That didn't even occur to me.

I want to know how to make the Portland Meetup group that I started work for people in our area. For example, is the time and date reasonable, or do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to discuss this on the message boards or you can email me.

Also, I am interested in other meetups in the Pacific NW that may gain more members. I wouldn't mind traveling to Seattle or Eugene, for instance, if the members there are greater than in my town.

There is a Whedonesque Meetup thread here where you can discuss this in more detail when *this* thread is bumped off the page.
I would love to start a Whedonesque meetup in Bergen County, NJ. Great idea! I also joined the Buffy one in my area, but no one actually attends the meetups.

I'll gladly organize this one and try to get people out and about.
Now that I'm getting settled here in Montreal, I'm likely going to set one up here and see what happens.
I live in the Seattle area right now, but I'm moving to Eastern Washington pretty soon. However, if we could get a group up here somewhere in Washington, I would be more than happy to go!
AWWWWW Herb. I thought you were in Toronto?
We have both an active Buffy meetup group and a Firefly Meetup so maybe a Whedonesque one would work too.
Hehe, I was in Toronto but I ended up taking a job offer from Montreal, and am very happy to be here. There are a few things I miss about Toronto, but Montreal seems a much better fit.

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