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February 12 2005

Nikki Stafford interview. The author of "Once Bitten: An Unofficial Guide to the World of Angel" gives her views on the online Angel fandom, the future of the Buffyverse and lots more.

I really enjoyed this article...I was thinking about picking up Bite Me!, have been thinking about doing so for a while. And now I think I want Once Bitten too! For anyone who's read do they compare to The Watcher's Guides, or The Casefiles? Cause I have all 5 of those books, plus 3 of the Slayer books and Hollywood Vampire...would buying these be extraneous, or would it be a nice addition to my collection of Whedonverse reading material?
Bite Me is my Buffy bible! No disrespect to any other author, but Nikki just really nails the feel of our show(s). She's opinionated, which I love, and I don't always agree with her, but her books are my choice for reference AND entertainment.

I haven't read those other books you mentioned, except for the Watcher's Guides, and I can tell you, Nikki's books are FAR superior to those! Purchase them! They're a great addition to anyone's 'verse library!
I second Willowy's enthusiasm for Nikki's guides. They're excellent. I'd love it if she did one for Firefly. She has no plans for that now, alas.
I also like her guides. She isn't afraid to say when an episode didn't work for her but she is such an out and out fan that she can bring something worthwhile to the discussion even when she didn't like the ep. And although she does not get into the Bangle/Spuffy debate, if you have ever met her, you will know that it is Spike all the way!

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