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February 12 2005

SMG to voice herself in Seth Green's show "Robot Chicken". According to IMDb, it will be in the the 8th episode "Plastic Buffet."

Robot Chicken is a stop-animation show on Cartoon Network's [adult swim]. They use action figures for just about everything, so its possible we could see a Buffy action figure acting like Sarah. The airdate of the episode is unknown, but Robot Chicken premiers on Cartoon Network at 11:30-eastern February 20th.

Also verse-related: IMDb lists Abraham Benrubi (Olaf) voicing two characters, Ving Rhames in 1.3 and Darth Vader in 1.11. He's clearly cornering the big deep voice market.
Thanks for that SNT. I was scrolling through that list to find other familiar names from the Buffyverse (other than SMG and Seth Green). I recognized a bunch of Seth's costars from other projects (Family Guy, Without a Paddle, the 70's show).
How did they get so many well known actors to voice this show?
Seth has mad connections, yo.
Heh. Plastic Buffet. Plastic Buffy. Get it?
As much as I wish it didn't, this sorta stuff still stings. Just another thing she'll do for something else that she wouldn't do for Buffy. Sure, maybe she didn't want to commit to voicing a series, but couldn't she even have done a video game?

Ah, just ignore me. I'm bitter like that.
Rogue Slayer - it's not just you! Sometimes it feels like......meh, it's such a discussed point that it just reopens old wounds (debates - I meant debates) so I won't go further. But DAMN!
Sounds like it could be very funny, this episode guide provides more details.

In the category of 'not likely to happen' considering all the Buffy action figures available they could make a quite interesting spoof of a Buffy episode.

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jpr - There is one seriously warped sense of humour behind those synopses (just had a flash back to "arch-nemesis-is-es" trying to remember what the plural of synopsis is!). I really hope they come across as funny as they sound!
While not wishing to reopen a very old debate, I have no problem with SMG not doing any commentaries or voiceovers on BtVS. I would have loved it if she had but it's her decision and I certainly don't see it as an insult or anything.

Of all the Buffy cast she was the one who worked most hours on set, in virtualy every scene, from highly charged emotional stuff to action packed fight scenes, day after day. If that was me and I was offered the choice of spending another few hours in a studio of going home for some rest I know what I'd choose.

On the other hand it could have been down to money. The Sienfeld cast refused to do stuff for the DVD unless they were paid far more than first offered, yet no one is saying they were insulting the fans or letting the fans down. Maybe SMG wasn't willing to work for what they offered. That's her decision.

Cant wait for this show, looks like a hoot!
i agree zz9. its time for us to move on.
Yes indeed. I have no desire to see the debate re-opened in this thread or others. So it would be appreciated if we could focus on Robot Chicken.
The simplified 'Robot chicken' solution to the Spike/Buffy/Angel love triangle could be shown to be that an Angel toy and a Spike toy each grab hold of a hand of a Buffy doll and screams 'I love you', 'I love you more' etc. until finally the Buffy doll rips in two and Spike and Angel walks away with an arm each grumbling 'I got the better part', 'No I got the better part' ... the end. :)

[ edited by jpr on 2005-02-13 17:56 ]
Sorry jpr, but that would remind me of Bargaining and the BuffyBot...

What I would have loved if SMGs guest spot on The Simpsons was as Buffy. Maybe Lisa could have been a potential....

[ edited by zz9 on 2005-02-13 18:53 ]
Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place! This show sounds so funny. I really wish I had cable.
Thatīs funny.
Iīm waiting to see that episode (and all the rest, the series sounds promising)

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