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February 12 2005

Images of Wesley and Lorne action figures with accessories. Diamond have released these official images of most of the Angel series three figures. (Thanks to Ham Salad at BTVSFigs for the link.)

Does anyone else think that all of Wes' jackets are too big? And what's with his hands?!
The jackets are made of plastic now, but when they are finished they will be made of PVC which will make the jackets smaller. The hands were made for the Season 4 Wes & Rain of Fire Wes so that they could hold Wes' big shotgun. You are right the hands do look weird on the other figures.
Personally I think most of them need glasses (but I know they're a nightmare to make in that scale without making them part of the head itself).
You know what they say about big hands!
The Wes figures still look like crap.

I think I'll stick to the various anime figures I buy, or Marvel Legends.
You know what they say about big hands! Hee, eddy, though I was referring more to the shape (I was thinking for holding onto the handles of his motorcycle), which made me think he's quite happy alone. ;-)

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