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December 29 2002

alt.binaries.multimedia.firefly. The cancelled show has a newsgroup for your perusal. (for binary downloads. you'll need a good news reader)

There's too, but it doesn't appear on either of my two newsgroup servers.

Hey, come on! Don't you want Willow to be able to download some firefly eps too?

Mac users go here:

MT-NewsWatcher exists in versions for classic Mac OS 8-9 and Mac OS X. And:
You'll need a good newsgroup provider too for binary groups. Most likely a to be paid for one. By the way, IRC is a good place to look for TV eps too...
If you have a good ISP that offers binary newsgroups, all you have to do is get the lowest rate subscription to a good paid newsgroup provider and just use it to fill in anything you can't get from your ISP. My xs4all+easynews combi works great.

I find it all too complicated on my Mac though - prefer using my PC for binary downloads and mpeg viewing.
As well as a newsreader you'll also probably need WinRar ( and SmartPar (usual site is dead, try

If your ISP doesn't carry the firefly groups its worth checking alt.binaries.multimedia.scifi
I use fsraid instead of SmartPar.

To find out more about how all of this works, check, which is geared towards the BtVS newsgroup but has valid info for all binary newsgroups.

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