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February 13 2005

Newsweek mentions Whedon and a Serenity Comic in July.

"Serenity By Joss Whedon
The "Buffy" creator got his fangs in this new series. Out in July. A prequel to the upcoming movie based on the canceled TV show "Firefly"—set 500 years from now."

Yeah it should be published by Dark Horse comics from what I can remember. But when news of it first came out I assumed it was going to be a one-shot (bit like what Dark Horse did for Emma Caulfield's movie "Tooth Fairy"). But a mini series is good news and now we have a release date. Which is nice.
Considering the level of the article I'm not sure the writer would make a distinction between a one-shot and a series, but a mention in mainstream media is always nice isn't it?
Maybe this is why Joss looks like he will only do 12 issues of AXM.

"Serenity" the movie, the comic (both JW) and the book(s)(krad) - after a drought of Joss-stuff (other than AXM), there may be enough stuff around from July onwards to finally relieve my severe Joss deprivation.
What a nice birthday present to me! Wonder if there's any decision on who will draw it?
So excited! A prequel!! I want to eventually get the Serenity book too but not until after the movie! Now a prequel won't spoil anything!!! Yippee!
I really hope Joss is writing this and not just "overseeing". Whoever they get on art chores will probably give us stunning visuals, if not at least interesting ones, since Joss never approves lacklustre pencilers to depict his stories (though there were times when it was just Dark Horse doing the approving during the main Buffy comic's run where I questioned a few of their choices).

Since this is going to be a prequel to Serenity, it'd be really cool if Joss finished out the first season of Firefly. Only needed seven more hours to complete a standard 22-episode season, so several to a dozen issues should cover that nicely. If it's just a one-shot though, I think Joss will worry more about setting up the film than resolving issues from the series.
There's a rumour sweeping various comic forums that Joss will continue his run on Astonishing X-Men after issue 12 and that Cassaday will be doing rotating artwork. Stayed tuned to the main page in the next couple of days to see if this rumour will be confirmed.
Oooh I certainly hope so. Fingers well and truely crossed.

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