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February 13 2005

A phone conversation with Amy Acker. It's about three fourths of a way down the page and mentions that she'll appear in a family baseball movie this summer with Sean Astin.

The six degrees of Angel strikes again.
Is Angel really bigger in Europe than it is in America? (i.e. London)
Certainly as a percentage of the population the viewing figures for Buffy and Angel were much higher in the UK than the US. At best Buffy used to get 3 million viewers for its 1st airing on BBC 2 and then about 1 million for the late night ("uncut") repeat the next day. This was actually the 2nd time each episode had aired thought, having already aired on the subscription channel Sky One. Angels terrerstrial viewing figures were sadly much lower as it aired on Channel 4 and later Channel 5 and was badly mistreated by both. However its ratings on Sky One when it was shown directly after Buffy were only slightly less than Buffy's.
There's nothing wrong with conventions.
Thanks for the info Paul_Rocks.
Should I know who Joel Stein is (seeing as i know exactly who Amy Acker is and her son's full name, despite her 7 point familiarity rating) or is that the point?

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I think he's a columnist, but I recognize his name from all those VH1 shows. He's done the "I Love the..." decade series and "Best Week Ever" and probably about a million more. That's probably why his Q rating is higher.
Yeah, he used to write columns for Time and Entertainment Weekly (where he was replaced by freaking Stephen King). I always thought he was a pretty funny writer.
Thanks. I don't have VH1 and rarely read Time and EW (unless I get a link from Whedonesque, of course).

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