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February 13 2005

Angel season five DVD review. "This DVD is a fine tribute to the final season of one of the best shows to have ever been shown on TV".

This is one of my favorite seasons - the World According to Whedon at its best! I can’t wait to get my own copy. The only thing that would have made it better would have been commentary from James Marsters, since Spike played such a pivotal role in Angel’s “life”.
Maybe I read too much Insert Credit, I found that review to be pretty poor. It was too short, offered no real reasons as to why season 5 is the best, lacked any kind of flair and I'm not even going to touch the SMG comment...
Good review, just saying it was one of the best shows on tv, will get in more Angel fans, new fans, who haven't seen a episode.
I hate when they bash "Buffy" to praise "Angel".
I prefer "Buffy", and i respect if he prefers "Angel", but let´s talk about "Angel", and don´t bash "Buffy". ¬ ¬

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