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February 14 2005

Angel soundtrack album released today in the UK. The perfect Angelverse gift for Valentine's Day.

I do like that cover. Anyone know who came up with the tagline? I think it's always been associated with the show.

I pre-ordered mine with my Angel Season 5 DVD, so I wont be getting it until the 21st. But its ok, because i dont mind waiting for good things!
Does the North American release of the soundtrack/score show up on any online retailer's sites? We were assured it'd come out over here soon after the UK, right?
Mine arrived this morning :)

Not sure about the extended theme by Darling Violetta but what I have played so far has brought back wonderful memories - almost a year to the day of cancellation.

Had to turn it off though, the music was making my five yr old 'very sad' (she has a wonderful imagination)
Here's hoping that the UK won't have extra/different tracks than the US version.
Simon, I agree with your thoughts that the Live Fast, Die Never tagline has always been associated with the show. It's the tagline they've got listed on IMDB in any case.
Even though I'm in the US, I decided to order it from the UK branch -- rationalized it by bundling it with the Region 2 versions of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley's People.

Shipped last week -- should be in sometime this week.
Ah, so I'm not the only purchase "rationalizer" -- I placed an order for the R2 version of the Farscape miniseries along with the Angel soundtrack (yeah, I did that right *before* they announced it would also be released in the US). The soundtrack is on the way and I'm waiting eagerly.
Hey chasa :), good call on the R2 Farscape mini-series order. According to this review, it has more features than the Region 1 version.
I didn't even rationalize, I just bought. What the hell, money's to spend. :)
Hey chasa :), good call on the R2 Farscape mini-series order. According to this review, it has more features than the Region 1 version.

Don't I know it :) I have the R1 version, too, but when I heard about the exclusive features, I was sunk (not really a big deal considering I'm re-buying the entire *series* because of a new Starburst edition release with additional features). What can I say? I'm a sucker for the shows I love.
Off topic but since Farscape has been mentioned - if you could recomend 1 season of Farscape for a person to try, and buy, which season would it be. You want this to be a season that makes the person go back and buy them all.
It's a good CD, some really good stuff, it's the anniversary of when I heard about the cancellation too, so it cheered me up a bit.

Haven't decided what to do about the Farscape mini series, bought the R1 version (half the price of the R2 version), I know I'll end up buying the R2 version at some point, be it when I go into town tomorrow (probably) or wait and see if they include it in the R2 season 4 box set. Farscape has already cost me a bundle, first the seperate boxes, then the season sets, I only pray they never release special editions of Buffy and Angel, 'cos that'd just be more money spent.

As for a season of Farscape to try, I'm not sure, I watched the first few when it started on BBC, and didn't start watching it properly till I flicked onto a season 2 episode a few months later, then I was hooked. If you start with season 1, stick with it, it gets good, very good, but it's a little tough going to start with (when I rewatched season 1 I loved it, but I knew the characters). Though this is an arc-heavy show, I'd say start with season 3, it's a great season, and the R2 set has a good hour long feature that was made specially to get people who haven't seen the show, to watch the new season, and that tells you everything you need to know to start watching it. I'd say wherever you start, even if you don't immediatly like it, stick with it. The Peacekeeper Wars would also be a good starting point, the people that hadn't watched the show that I know liked it, but it's a little like reading the last (hopefully not) chapter of the book first.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-02-14 23:00 ]
I'd suggest starting right at the beginning with Farscape -- Netflix/rent it if you want to avoid sinking a bunch of money at first (good news is that the new Starbust editions coming out are MUCH cheaper than previous releases). Like Ghost Spike says, stick with it. It is a risk-taking show -- at times a big, beautiful disaster -- and the first season takes a while to find its footing...but the payoff is that when it's good...WOW.

When I started watching via Netflix, I did so only because I knew friends who liked the show and because some Scapers had been really cool and supportive in visiting an Angel campaign-related board that I ran. Glimpses of episodes I had seen on SciFi hadn't really appealed to me at all, though. It took me until about halfway through the first season to get the bug, and then I was hooked hard (buy-all-the-DVD-sets hard) by the end of the season. I guess S1 is still my least favorite season overall, but I love it.

And to not stray too far, I'm dying to hear all of the Darla tracks on the CD, so I hope it gets here SOON. I was so excited to see that those themes were going to be included (not that I wouldn't have bought it anyway ;)).
Chasa - When are the Starbust editions coming out?

And back on topic - I want the Angel soundtrack!
The first two Starburst sets (covering episodes 1-14 of S1) are out, with the third due on March 15th. They're releasing them every couple of months. They run about $15 each at DeepDiscountDVD -- so that's around $45 per season (you would have paid roughly double that for one of the previous box sets...yeah, the ones I bought last year). And these include all of the previous R1 special features, plus new ones.

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