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February 14 2005

TV's 20 Best Same-Sex Kisses. In keeping with the Valentine's Day theme, TV Guide places the Willow/Tara kiss from The Body at number one in their list. Plus there's a quote from Joss about it and a chance for you to vote for the kiss as well.

Those two actresses were just amazing at how well they portrayed.. everything, lol! Their relationship was sweet and realistic and the actresses were perfect in their roles. They were my favourite couple in the Buffyverse *sniffle*

Does anybody know if Joss got a big no-no for the screen kiss? Especially since it was just out of nowhere and everything...
Yes, he did get a big no no, and threatened to walk away from the show if the network did not allow it.

As for the kiss, I am so glad they gave it the #1 spot (and even got the picture right! LOL). In looking over the accompanying poll, this kiss is so far ahead of any other it is mind boggling- over 66% of the voteds voted for it, with no other kiss getting anything close to even 15% (and that was just one- all the rest were at 3% or less). Joss, if you read this- people really want Willow and Tara back... well, okay, I really want Willow and Tara back...

Thanks to both Aly and Amber for making this the best realtionship on TV, of any mix of sex, ever. IMHO.
What would've been a lot more progressive of TV Guide? Don't differentiate by orientation, include the same-sex kisses among the nominations for hottest/most-memorable straight kisses.

"...Willow and Tara had been platonically chanting, lighting candles and holding hands to save the world..."

Platonic my ass! You would had to have been one dense or very young and naive viewer at the time if you didn't realize by "New Moon Rising" (and that's at the latest) that Willow and Tara were undoubtedly in a relationship, making out, and most likely well on their way to sex if not already there. Yeah, I know there's a sadly not-so-small bunch of um...pious viewers (that's as kind as I can put it)...who maybe had it in their heads that W&T were just really close friends, the kind of viewers who waited until after the kiss in "The Body" to write angry letters to the official Buffy magazine. But I'm pretty sure they're a minority in the overall fanbase. Anyway, Joss never made much of an effort to appease the network during the time between when the characters met in Season 4 up until the kiss in "The Body", he never tried to hide it.

I know these polls mean nothing, but I really hope the Dawson's Creek coupling doesn't win (nominated twice!). I only ever watched two or three episodes of the series, so I really can't vouch for the hotness of the two pairings. I do remember Kerr Smith making some really stupid, thinly-veiled homophobic comments about how America "really doesn't need to see that" on TV and he thought "one kiss per season was more than enough" (that second quote isn't exact, but that's the gist of what he said). Nice example of how not to present yourself to the public concerning an aspect of your character you don't necessarily agree with. Dude could've been a little more diplomatic or kept his mouth shut. Maybe he's since amended what he said.

Don't get me wrong, any "memorable" kiss is good if the actors have the chemistry to pull it off and make it worth remembering, but I think it's kinda sad that the vast majority of that list is girl/girl action (and they even sunk low enough to list the stunt-kisses/"relationships" that were done for ratings and publicity!). Still got a long way to go in terms of more mainstream viewers being okay with the guy-on-guy.

They missed David & Keith from Six Feet Under (ew, I just remembered that...well, can't get into spoilers, but SFU viewers will know what I'm thinking when I say the name Michelle Tractenberg). Or the occasional other men David & Keith slept with. Actually, David/Keith/Sarge would've made a good addition to TV Guide's list, I'm even pretty sure I recall there being a hot three-way kissing part to that one-off. Man, I'm probably giving the wrong impression of SFU to anyone who doesn't watch it regularly or has never seen it.

Say what you want about the North American version of Queer As Folk's writing, but some of the pairings on that series definitely deserve to be on the list (as well as the British QAF's). They aren't avoiding "obvious" cable series choices since they nominated lesbian drama The L Word several times...QAF even gets mentioned, just not nominated for whatever odd reason. People from Angels in America also deserve a mention.

At least Beecher and Keller from Oz are coming in second so far. A very distant second to Willow & Tara, but it's something.
All of what you say is true, but I am still glad to see W/T get the props, as well as Joss. We sort of raised this point last week, when TVG provided us with their best kisses list and many of us were upset not to see W/T on it.

As a counterpoint, look at the OC. My feeling is that this is nothing more than a rating stunt, and since the OC got their ratings bump (which means they get to charge more for their ads), word is already out (SPOILER) . Given how much they flogged this in the ads for the show- "You must wait for the last five minutes!!!," they did everything completely opposite to what Joss did with W/T- who still had the most loving relationship, of any sex, on TV, ever. IMHO again. :-)

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What would've been a lot more progressive of TV Guide? Don't differentiate by orientation, include the same-sex kisses among the nominations for hottest/most-memorable straight kisses.

The exact thing I first thought. Right before I voted of course, but still. What I would dearly have loved to do was vote for Willow and Tara over Buffy and Spike in the "normal" kissing poll.

But still, you know ... tiny steps. Willow and Tara are a great example of how to do it right. Two people who love each other. The gender thing? Really a distant second.
To: Dana5140
As much as I agree with you that the kiss on "The O.C." is a ratings stunt, I still watch the show regularly and take pains to avoid spoilers.

Unfortunatly you didn't indicate your comments had a significant spoiler in it until the middle of the paragraph. That doesn't really help anyone and I'm not happy that you revealed this plotline without taking pains to do otherwise.

Please take more time to think about what you might be posting before you start typing.
Dana5140: I've invisibled the spoilery section of your post. If you (or anyone else) ever suspect that something you're including might potentially be a spoiler, even for a non-Joss related thing, it's always best to use the invisible text. If you're not sure how to do so, see the "How to" link, handily placed next to the "add a comment" box.
Noted all, and sorry- and in fact I was not sure if this was spoilery material since the word about what I spoke about was noted on several more networky sites- but I will take pains to be more cautious in future. It was my uncertainty that had me not use the tag and instead use the warning.

As to W and T- to me, the gender issue was a non-issue per se- what was great was the love between the two. Can anyone think of a similar kind of relation on TV? I cannot, but I am not a TV kind of person and do not watch much network stuff. Just Lost and VM, at present.

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