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"Must go attend to Wesley. See if he's still whimpering."
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December 29 2002

A little info on the three unaired Firefly episodes. From an older interview with Joss.

"“Trash,” about the return of Mrs. Reynolds; “The Message,” about the crew transporting the body of an old soldier that corrupt police want back; and “Heart of Gold,” where the crew engages in a little Magnificent 7 action as they're hired to protect a whorehouse."

Joss: "Our shows are built for people who don’t watch genre. They’re built for people who watch anything. Our characters on FIREFLY are really compelling, our actors really talented and their relationships very interesting. That’s something that is very hard to get out message-wise. From the beginning I’ve asked Fox to please advertise this to women, to older people – everyone who doesn't come to shows with spaceships."

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