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February 14 2005

Alexa Davalos aka Gwen Raiden signs on for Fox pilot, which is a drama called "Reunion". She will be part of an ensemble cast.

It is about six close high school friends. Every episode tracks a year of their life from graduation to their 20th reunion.

Sounds like an interesting premise....but considering it's Fox, I hardly think they'll make it to the fifth episode/year...
Doesn't sound like the show will lost long, anyway. Each episode = a year? 20th reunion? Is it even TRYING to go further than a full season?
Bizarre - Chyler Leigh is 22 according to the article (I've never heard of her) and I'm sure Alexa Davalos can't be older than her late 20's, if that. When did these people graduate HS?
No kidding. They all look so young! But hey, it is Fox, so the show probably won't last long enough for age to be much of an issue.
Does it make me a bad fan that I don't give a whit about her or her Gwen portrayal? She was way too X-men for AtS. Plus, only Buffy can have Angel. Does anyone else think the way Joss will finally wrap up the 'verse (far, far down the road), is that Angel will find a way to ditch the happiness curse, and spend B's life with her, fighting the good fight, and cherishing her when she gets old? Seeing them together on the porch, holding hands, Buffy's like 100, telling Angel to go... would be so Thorn Birds... Buffy dying an old woman would be so touching.

Shutup. It's Valentine's Day.

But hey Joss! I'm talking 20-30 years away! Not in ANY hurry to see her story end soon.

What? Why the hell not? They did it on Star Trek! And hey, some of you have Harold & Maude on your favorite movie list! ;)
Well, personally I'd be happy to play Harold to SMG's Maude. Slight drawback: I'm a few (7) years older than her. Curses. Or we could reverse the roles, and have me play the old eccentric man, and her the solemnly-yearning girl. And we could call it . . . every bloody French and Italian movie ever made.

As for Alexa, I thought her portrayal was fine. But, character-wise, Gwen did sorta kinda stick out like an electric thumb.
BTW, Alexa's pilot, Reunion, was created by Tru Calling's creator, Jon Harmon Feldman. They've said if there is a 2nd season, it would have a different cast.
So a new cast with new lives every year?

Could work. Could not. Depends on how it's carried out.

I am intriugued, though...
Oooh, maybe each episode is a year of one of their lives, with an anchor storyline centering around the reunion. Like on Lost, but with more linear flashbacks.

The only other thing I can think of is that they're only banking on one season, at most (assuming they make it that far). That would be a little strange. Or they could do it all again with different people in season two...
PwincesCupCake - you're right about cast change for season two, the creator has confirmed that's their future plan

He also said that they are selecting actors that can play a range of ages... so that they'll be able to use the one actor throughout the entire season - each episode features all cast members with a story that weaves throughout the years
I'm interested to see how this turns out, but it sounds like it came out of a brainstorming session of execs trying to copy '24'. "So they've got each episode being an hour in a day, what can we do? I've got it! We'll go the other way, each episode can be a year!"
Cool. I love her. Wish we could've seen more of Gwen in the 5th season of Angel.
Or we could reverse the roles, and have me play the old eccentric man, and her the solemnly-yearning girl. And we could call it . . . every bloody French and Italian movie ever made.

Which would have the added advantage of lots of female nudity. Mais oui, itís compulsory.
Eh bien, Miranda, la beaute de la nue feminine, surtout la jeune, c'est une chose quasi-spirituelle pour nos amis francais. Faut la devoiler aussi souvent que possible. The male? Not so much. Hey, works for me . . .

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