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February 15 2005

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-men #8 preview. The first four pages are available for your perusal at PopCultureShock.

Seems a bit a strange to release the preview one day before the issue comes out.

The more I see of AXM, the more I want to see of AXM. I have resolved to wait for the TPB this time but even so, it gets harder seeing artwork and story simultaneously so well done.

Must. Be. Strong.

I really would like to see Joss do more comics - I know the Serenity prequel is already on the books - but more AXM would be great, as would another (read almost any other) series, regardless.
Color me weak. I'm sure I'll get the TBP as well, but I'll be in my local comic book store buying #8 tomorrow morning. Luckily it's right on my way to work.

It's my birthday today and AXM #8 and Angel #5 are certainly helping celebrate. It's fun to pretend that things I would get anyway are presents and I can also make believe that the Whedonverse is remembering me.
Happy Birthday Biff Turkle! Hope it is a shiny one!
I love the crap out of this book. Probably the best X-Men has ever been. I hope Joss keeps going after issue #12.

Oh, and Biff...happy birthday from the new guy. =)
My loving husband bought me the Gifted TPB yesterday, along with the Sandman postcard set. He truly loves me. ;-D Said he was just feeling sappy, and I shouldn't take it to mean he was starting to celebrate Valentine's Day in any form.

Love it, can't wait for more.
I like the straight-out-of-the-films Cerebro door on page two... and I can't help imagining the two truckers sounding like Lyle and Tector Gorch...

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