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February 15 2005

Veronica Mars - worthy successor to Buffy? Veronica Mars is being depicted as the spiritual successor to Buffy. Or in other words, they are trying to link the shows as much as possible to increase viewers (reg req).

I didn't register to read this, but if they mean by "spiritual successor" "smart show made by people who care about telling a story," I agree.
Well said, dreamlogic!
HERE, HERE dreamlogic!!!
Damn - it took about ten minutes for me to get to that article and I *am* registered there.

Would anyone like me to C&P the article for those who are having problems getting to it? (Is that sort of thing permissible?)
Hell, I'll take this as a successor -- especially if Alyson Hannigan gets a recurring role on the show. Sister needs a jobby job. Some of the more recent eps have felt like mid-season Buffy eps in that you can tell (or at least I think) that the season-long big story is ABOUT to catch fire, but in the meantime, there are more standalones.

My favorite character is the bastard rich kid -- just like Sawyer on Lost, I love to hate to love him.
ShelaghC, from what Simon has said in the past, we can't cut and paste a whole article because of copywrite, but a representative quote or some paraphrase shouldn't be out of line.

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I'll take this opportunity to tell you all about BugMeNot which offers communal logins for free sites that require registration. For, this login worked:
Ask and ye shall receive. Here are a couple of paragraphs from the center of the article that seem to give some idea about the content.

Neptune, the wealthy beach town where Veronica lives with her police chief-turned-private eye father (Enrico Colantoni), isn't built on a Hellmouth, like Buffy's Sunnydale, but hellish things nevertheless happen there.

Veronica's best friend, Lilly Kane, was murdered a little more than a year ago. Her father, Keith Mars, lost his job, and apparently his wife, because he was inclined to blame Lilly's father, the fabulously rich Jake Kane (Kyle Secor) for Lilly's death. Lilly's brother, Duncan (Teddy Dunn) broke up with Veronica at about the same time - maybe not such a bad thing because there's a teensy possibility Jake Kane might be Veronica's father - and Veronica, who as Duncan's girl had been a popular kid, ended up being drugged and raped at a party.

Cheerful, huh?

In less skilled hands than executive producer Rob Thomas' ("Cupid"), this might be grim fare, but thanks to some of the snappiest dialogue since "Buffy," and the acting chops of Bell (last seen as a deceptively innocent hooker on HBO's "Deadwood"), "Veronica Mars" is instead a weekly celebration of one young woman's resilience, strength and sense of humor.

If that's more than I should be posting, let me know and I'll trim.

FYI - here's a link to the print version. Not sure if it'll work, but it's always worth a try:
I'm really enjoying it, too; trying to get my kids hooked. Right now our time together is kind of limited (spending most of my weekends at the hospital), but I'm sure we'll get there. They were resistant at first with all 3 Whedon shows, so I know there's hope.

It also mentions how much more realistic VM is compared to shows like "Alias", and I agree with that, too.
Alyson Hannigan's episode (I hope the first of many) hits the airwaves February 22nd, 9 p.m. EST. This is the show's big chance to pick up new viewers and boost those dangerously low Nielsen ratings. If you enjoy VM, and you want to see a second season, please nag your friends and relatives to watch. They won't regret it.
dreamlogic said:
"I didn't register to read this, but if they mean by "spiritual successor" "smart show made by people who care about telling a story," I agree. "
And I really agree!
Veronica Mars is smart, funny, with good episodes that are building to a really interesting season arc...
I can't think of another show currently one TV which is as well written (because Lost and others just don't have the humor I crave)...
so if they want to identify themselves with Joss' great shows,
then that sounds all good to me!
"Veronica Mars is smart, funny, with good episodes that are building to a really interesting season arc..."

So true....face it, people, this is the BEST new show on television, maybe even the BEST SHOW, full stop. It's more than just a worthy successor to Buffy, imho...
Here's where I see the similarities between the two shows. Of course you have a petite blonde high school heroine but more importantly both Veronica and Buffy were in with the "in crowd" until a life-changing event happened. For Veronica it was the murder of Lily Kane and for Buffy it was being chosen. Then they were both outsiders. So I think the two characters begin their respective shows in the same place psychologically. Also they take place in two fictional SoCal cities which both have "secrets" that our protagonists become the most capable of thwarting. Sunnydale's secret is more tangible--the Hellmouth whereas with Neptune it's the underside of the lives of the priveledged. I see similarites in where Veronica and Buffy are at and what they're up against. It's just that Veronica's sitch is more grounded in reality. That's my take anyway. While I'm enjoying VM I don't think it's quite at the level of Buffy S1 yet but I think it's on its way. I've also had this thought. Should Joss ever want the recast the role of Buffy, I can see Kristen Bell in the part.
Veronica Mars is at the top of my TiVo Season Pass list.

WAY at the top.

Sniff... right where Angel used to be.... WAAAAAAAAA!
Well, I'm curious, but I'd hate to fall in the middle of a season. I may torrent it. But now I fear it won't live up to the hype for me.
Trust me, it's worth it, took 4 or 5 eps before it really got me hooked and it is the torrent I look forward to the most.
To be honest I think VM can be best described as Buffy Meets Twin Peaks grounded with reality and a dash of Magnum P.I., Without the moustache. Here's hoping it survives (there must be an advertising niche that smart and funny drama can fill irrespective of the bloody Ratings (Can you imagine if Shakespeare's carreer had depended on US Ratings? He would have been trounced into oblivion by Paris Hilton)).
I think VM can be best described as Buffy Meets Twin Peaks grounded with reality and a dash of Magnum P.I.,

You are trying to make it sound good, right? :D I have a really strange thing in my head now...
On what channel is Veronica Mars? I've heard good things, so I might as well try an episode. I'm good at jumping in the middle of things and figuring out what the hell is happening.
It's on UPN at 8 p.m., MalloryM. I'm also a VM fan and think it's well worth investing time into, whether it gets renewed for a second season or not.

The season arc is intriguing on several levels, and while the show still lacks a little something, overall it's one of the best things on broadcast TV right now (and the best thing I've ever seen on UPN, period, except for a few S6-S7 BtVS eps). The dialogue never fails to be intelligent, and watching it doesn't make me feel like I'm wasting my time, or that I'm being written off as a mindless couch-blob.
I'm waiting for the DVDs. I'm not sure how often I can keep re-visiting highschool on TV though. I wish so many good shows weren't set there.
A slight correction to Wiseblood's otherwise insightful and informative post above, VM is on at 9 pm Eastern on UPN which might translate as 8 pm depending on your time zone.

I just want to echo everyone else's praise, VM isn't Buffy and won't ever be, but it's a great show in the same tradition of excellent writing and interesting characters.
Thanks, Prosperina. I am on the East coast. I don't get UPN, though...
I think i must find a way to see this series in Spain.
Sounds good.
The show started recently in my country,and I watched five episodes that were shown.I'm sorry to say,but this show didn't live up to my expectations after all the hype: not the show,not the show's humor and,especially,not the actress.While I think it's a good show,it's just too bland to even start to compare with Buffy.Of course,it's only my opinion.
Well I have to agree with the previous glowing reviews. VM is my favourite new show this season and since Alias has been faltering somewhat lately (IMO of course) I think it might actually be my current favourite show overall. Can't wait for Aly's ep next week.
With the passing of Dead Like Me, Veronica Mars is now my official Whedonverse replacement show. Kristen Bell and the writing on the show are a powerful combination.

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