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February 15 2005

(SPOILER) More "Unholy" Buzz. An interesting review of the movie's script.

Simon, if you feel that this doesn't deserve a spoiler tag, please feel free to remove it. :) I am just trying to be extra careful about things.

Strangest quote..."if you're not a fan of suicides, watch out" maybe this movie is for a very small, very specific crowd???

I don't know, it just feels like one of the myriad of copycat horror films.
It's been pretty hard for the horror film industry to make the shift away from the "Ten Little Indians" approach from Scream, Urban Legend, Valentine (which I watched last night) and so forth. Still, I'd love to see what Nick can do.
I watched Valentine last night too! I already knew David was the killer, so I expected to see more creepy Angelus like acting but it wasn't there. poo.
Not to go totally off-topic here, but Boreanaz is so jovial in the role. I especially like the, "He's no angel, but he's not a killer" bit. He's got more range than the Mr. Broodypants image.
I also watched Valentine. Ocular, that part was so funny to me.
I'm looking forward to "Unholy," and also the big screen adaptation of "30 Days of Night." With all the studios rushing to produce scary flicks after the success of "The Grudge" and "Boogeyman" it's a great time to be a horror film fan!

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