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February 15 2005

Angel: Season 5 DVD (R1) released today! Get your set ASAP and show the WB just what they're missing out on!

My set, from Canada, has this slip cover over the actual set, and captions everything in French. Odd for them to start that now.

It's currently number 2 on the Amazon Top Sellers list.
My copy got delivered today!!! Makes my day wonderful. Of course, I'm sad it is the last :^(
That's it then. I own all Joss Whedon television shows on DVD. That makes me happy from a completionist standpoint, but sad from know...human being standpoint.
I am just about to head to Target and get my copy. They have it for $39.99 TODAY ONLY. This will complete my Angel collection. Hmmm... Marathon viewing... I think I'll call in sick tommorow...
I got mine! 40 bucks at best buy, w00t!
WHY GOD WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOULDN'T BE THE LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to go have a good cry........
Got mine $38.99 at Wal-Mart!!!
Keep in mind many places price match. People forgot about that when Target had the weekend sale for Buffy Season 7 and they ran out.
And many places also give rain checks on items that run out, if you go to Customer Service and ask. I went by Target for S7 when it was $17.77 and found it was sold out already. They gave me a receipt that allowed me to pick it up, going on two months later, at the same sale price.
I can't find it anywhere. It's sold out everywhere! The nearest Best Buy! The nearest Wal-Mart! Sam Goody Everywhere! Oh please please please let this mean that there's gonna be another Family Guy/Firefly situation and the Buffyverse is brought back to life in some form of manner.

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Got mine. YAY! Am ready for my marathon :)
I'm getting mine tonight. Has anyone seen the commercial for it? It gave me a chill when I first saw it! LOL
Ours is on its way from Shoulda just waited and gotten it at Walmart. But then again it might have been sold out by the time I could get there tonight.

I am also kind of sad that this will be it, the last season. I can't bring myself to watch the last few episodes of Buffy season 7 because then I know that's over. Silly, I know. I've already seen them, but still... :(
I pre-ordered mine from Amazon for $38.99 (and free shipping)
they sent it out yesterday, so I should have it tomorrow
(knock on wood)...
my local WalMart wouldn't have had it in today anyway,
they hardly ever have anything
(I always go in and ask...and when they say they'll order it I tell them don't bother...
I can order it through Amazon), but it never helps...
they still never get it in the first day!
Don't know where my Walmart is...bought 2 pre-order on Amazon...should--must!--arrive tomorrow...will cuddle and caress and canoodle with them upon arrival!
Just watched first epsiode and starting second and theres a "previously on Angel" with recap of last episode. I dont know how I feel about this nor do I know if this is will be for every episode. Weird they start this now if it is.
I'm getting my set for about $35 at Suncoast, since, you know, employee discount, plus I researved it, so that takes another $5 off it. *Does the dance of joy*
Gunn 2 N's... let us know if that does continue throughout the season - if it's only for the second episode, it's probably because it is the only official two-partner in the series' history
Got mine - I'm so happy and doing the dance of joy.
Bizarrely - and I'm not complaining - I got mine from Amazon yesterday, the 15th. And this with super saver shipping. Huh. I've only had the chance to watch one of the featurettes, though. Nice box design. But it's the contents that matter most, and in my opinion this is one of the best seasons in the 'verse. I can't wait to start watching the episodes tonight.

I did have a sad feeling when I slid that fresh new box at the end of my row of Firefly-Buffy-Angel DVDs. It's satisfying to know that now I can watch a pristine DVD rendering of any of the episodes ever aired on any of the three shows but....that's it. Finished. Done. Sad.
aapac- your right its only on for that two parter. I got a little worried cause i'm not a fan of the previously on like what Alias does. I end up fast forwarding.
Oh, frabjous day! Caloo, calay!...they arrived about 20 minutes ago!
Phlebotinin - I'm jealous! I pre-ordered from Amazon and used the super saver shipping option and mine haven't even been mailed out yet!

But, I remember when there was all the hype about Halo 2 floating around and some people were angry that they weren't getting the game as quick as they had hoped (and these were people who used overnight shipping) that another person, who ordered it like the day before and just chose regular shipping got it before them. This guy's theory was that the earlier you pre-order the further back on the list you go when it's finally released. That could make sense, I always pre-order stuff the second that option comes up!
I sorted out all the spare sets I have and with a conflicted sense of finality, I have, in a place of pride, Seasons 1-7 of Buffy, 1-5 of Angel, Firefly, the DVD of the dire Buffy movie, and the DVD of OMWF, Hush, and the Unaired Pilot....sigh...all the spare sets (that aren't currently out on loan) are now boxed up in my closet.

No more to get...sigh...
there were only 3 previously on's this season. For some reason they left it on this time. The previously on's are for Just Rewards, Shells, and Not Fade Away.
Hmm, that almost sounds in line with the 2-parter theory:

A Hole in the World > Shells
Power Play > Not Fade Away

I missed the Previously's, and felt it was a shame they weren't there anymore.

B*st*rd WB makes them make these changes and then cancels it anyway.
I had to go to 3 Targets to get mine. They were sold out at the other 2. This proves the WB are idiots because what other DVDs sell out at multiple stores the same day they are released, while being #2 on
Its actually #1 on right now.
[heavy sarcasm] No. 1, huh? Gee, that show must've really sucked. I'll bet the WB suits are glad they decided to pull the plug when they did!
Remember how the astonishing run on "Firefly" and all the Internet chatter seemed to lead, perhaps not directly, but in some circuitous route to "Serenity?"

Reader reviews on Amazon for "Firefly" turned out to be viral marketing on steroids...maybe...just maybe...a major studio will look at this and say, " 'Angel' movie...gotta think on that..."

Hey, a fella can dream, can't he?
And David has already said he'd do a theatrical release…

I think we're 2/3 of the way there already (more dreaming, I know)!
Chris in V, how did you get the Unaired Pilot, by downloading it? I've always been curious about it, even if Joss thinks it would be bad for me.

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