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February 15 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 20. More questions answered and hints dropped by Diamond Select Toys, including the possibilities of seeing Illyria among the variant Fred figures and of seeing an action figure of Puppet Angel.

Illyria would make a cool action figure. And hey, maybe the puppet angel action figure will actually look like a puppet. Unlike that other thing they're making of that.

You know, the actual puppet line...
EdDantes, I had that thought as well as to a puppet Angel action figure. Heck, I would buy it. I'm still not happy with the latest version of the Angel puppet itself. How hard can it be to reproduce this puppet?

I'm sure they will not pass up the opporunity of offering an Illyria action figure, the demand is too high. I suspect we'll see it later this year.
I'd kill for an Angel Puppet figure.

And yeah, I ordered the plush thing. Still mad it doesn't come with the sword.

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