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February 16 2005

Sweeps Month: A Very Special Twenty-Four/Seven. Talking about the television sweeps period and how as a columnist he would never stoop to mentioning "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" just to get more hits!

I needed a laugh this morning! A very clever way to illustrate a blantant attempt to get more attention. It worked for this columnist, but he's dropping the right names. The TV networks should take notes.

Very funny and enjoyable column!
Yes, kind of like the politician who says, "The rumors of my opponents philandering, embezzling, and other various criminal behavior are not germane to this campaign, so far be it from me to accuse him of philandering, embezzling, and other various criminal behavior. I won't stand for it, and I won't stand for any members of my staff bringing up these sordid matters."

Very amusing stuff. And it worked!
And yes, whedonesque played a huge part in this.
This column came about because my last one on FOX's treatment of quirky quality shows was linked to from here and and and other places and quickly became the most popular single article on our site for February. A friend mentioned I needed to pander to this audience shamelessly and it occurred to me... sweeps months was happening... hmmm...

And nope, I don't get paid extra for traffic, nor does it affect our ad rates in any way. I just love slipping in Whedonverse references whenever I can get away with it.
Thanks again Chris another entertaining and amusing column.
Of course, Serious Political Commentators who write for Serious Political Publications *cough* Jonah Goldberg Gregg Easterbrook *cough* would never stoop to that...
Haha that was funny. And right on the nose. And a Whedonesquer? Good stuff. Especially loved this line:

"This is not the way to respect your audience. My good friend Neil Gaiman, the best-selling author of "Sandman" and "American Gods," once told me, "I don't know how you got my e-mail address but if you don't stop writing to me I shall be forced to call the police.""
Navy Seals are better organised than us? What the...?

Didn't see THEIR poster truck driving through LA last year....
Mmmm... a Joss Whedon/Neil Gaiman combined graphic novel... the coolest thing since Gaiman and Pratchett combined for Good Omens. Where's that Marvel exec when you need one?!?!
Great article, although I'm not sure there's a connection between pandering to the Whedonesque audience and sweeps month. Sadly, excepr for AH's wildly anticipated debut in Veronica Mars next week, I can't say that the networks are pandering to my taste!!
Hey Mort
Speaking of Terry Pratchett, is your nickname in homage to the Disc World character?

I agree re the Gaiman/Whedon collaboration. Way cool!
Does anyone know how to add Chris to my TiVo?

Seriously, he's definitely a great addition to my must-read list.

And Chris, if you're planning any columns on Homeland Security, terrorists, or that wacky location known as "the workplace", I have an insightful anecdote you're sure to find mediocre.

And no, I don't own a TiVo. ;)
No TiVo possibilities, although someday I'm sure we're going to stride boldly into the twentieth century and offer RSS feeds.
Sigh. I love RSS feeds. They help me cut down on random work surfing like you wouldn't believe. If it hasn't been mentioned before, thank you whedonesque for offering RSS!

No planned columns on security or terrorists -- I tend to avoid politics in my column, except for broad satire -- but anecdotes are always fun anyway :)
Love the Navy SEAL's bit.
Dear Chris -

May I have your hand in marriage?



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