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"Wicca good, And love the earth, And women power, And I'll be over here."
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January 01 2003

Which Firefly guy is for you? Silly quiz. Because we all have hangovers.

Mine, god help me, is Jayne.

Hey, new here. *waves around at everyone*
I got Wash. Zoe's gonna kill me.
I sort of did the test as which guy would I be. It seems I am Wash. Now, I dig the funky shirts, but I just know I'm not as cute as him.
I got Mal. Very cool. :)
I got Simon, but I'm not sure how - he's a little light for me. My choice is Wash, alas, Zoe isn't letting go anytime soon.
I got Mal. Mmmmm Simon and Mal, a slash fan fic writer's idea of heaven ;).

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