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February 16 2005

Oz - Sideshow Exclusive - Only 500 pcs available. This one comes with a "Dingoes ate my baby t-shirt".

Only one per customer! They used to allow two per customer. They will probably offer a "regular" addition of this soon too without the t-shirt.

This figure is actually listed a bit smaller than the others and if you look at the "flash gallery" you can rotate him around and see that he's really pretty well propotioned and looks like his head actually fits his body. Also, when you look at the flash option you can see that he has the "God" sticker on his shirt!

I'm thrilled with this figure but I still think there should've been a Xander and a Giles before Oz. There are rumors that there will be other figures besides this one, Vamp Buffy and Origins Angel. There was no news of VB or OA in the newsletter that I got.
thanks for pointing out the flash feature, rotating Oz kept me entertained for a good 20 minutes. :)
I don't collect figures at all because I usually have to look at the figure for a while before I can even work out who it is but this is a good likeness. I'm impressed - it may just be the first figure I ever buy!
Although I know its next to impossible, I'd sure love it if they gave the six-inchers this much detail. Could do without the Oz-fro, though.
According to the Buffy part of the last email from the Sideshow mailing list: "The Scooby Gang is coming in 2005".

Which implies Xander and Giles...
I know, I saw that too before I found out this figure was the next one. I posted Upcoming Sideshow Figures
a day or two ago that mentioned this figure, Vamp Buffy and Origin's Angel as being the next three so I don't know if there will be anymore after those for this year.

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When I first saw this post, I thought "Cool! A match for my Dingoe Willow." Then, I saw it was a 12" figure which I don't collect. Sigh. Still, the detail is excellent except for the hair style. Oz had more of a high flat top.
Gotta say I'm not as impressed as I'd like to be. Considering Seth Green's very distinctive features I would've thought they could've done a better likeness. So far only the Buffy Angel and Spike dolls are really good in that regard.

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