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February 17 2005

(SPOILER) 'Veronica Mars' trailer featuring Alyson Hannigan. And you can find out what Alyson has to say about her guest appearance in this new interview at Zap2it.

The hat. She's so cute in that hat.

Simon, thank you for finding this preview. And I must agree, really miss Willow and her hats. Always wondered why they dropped that little character treak. What was the final 'hatted' Willow episode in BtVS? Wasn't it 'Fool For Love' where Willow, Xander, and Riley are stalking vamps in the graveyard?
Sigh... Oh mad hatter, how we miss thee!

(Does everyone get such a bad connection to the site that the trailer gets stuck and then starts going again halfway through? Usually during Aly's screentime?)
Excellent, I can't wait. All through this weeks ep I was enjoying it, but there was a feeling of anticipation growing for next week. Bring on Aly!
Mine played fine all the way through.

You didn't miss much though, as that was the only shot of Aly. :(
Is this the trailer thta is being shown on UPN? If so, there is very little Aly.
sigh, she'll always be Willow to me somehow no matter what the role...
Looking forward to the episode though, especially to see her act "snippy"!
(screencap from trailer)

(links fixed, sorry)

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Hmmm. Why is there a jpeg of Buffy with an advert for on that link? What does that have to do with Willow? doesn't allow direct linking to images on its site. If you copy the URL in the address in your browser, you can view them that way.
Oops sorry - I use firefox and block referer's so the images worked directly for me - I fixed the links above...
What a wonderful birthday it will be for me....Aly on Veronica Mars that night......and since I have to work the next day no partying....SO IT IS ALY for my B-day...fine with me..yiipppee
My favourite Willow hat was when she asked Oz for a date in Season Two - Surprise, I think it was. Very very cute.
The hat likeyness disappeared....then suddenly it reappeared in season 7 with the introduction of another red head Vi. Joss must have a thing for red heads in hats.

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