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February 17 2005

WonderCon a mix of cults, comics. The author debates the meanings of cult TV shows : "It's a cult favorite. Or a cult hit. Or a cult classic." References to Whedon, BtVS and Firefly. (Reg. Req. and btw Joss posted in this thread).

(Edited to add that registration is required to view the article).

And there will be a WonderCon thread posted sometime late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning my time (depending on if I finish KOTOR 2) so posters going to see Joss, Nathan, Adam and Jewel can post their reports.
And you know, I wouldn't even mind if Joss posted his report too!
I'm not gonna have time (I'm very important) (Oh -- typed an "r" in there by mistake) next week to post any kind of report, okay people? So I'm gonna do it now.

Wow, Wondercon was lame!

First of all, where was the "Jake and the Fatman" panel? I got on a frikkin' PLANE for that, people. Second of all, my panel -- WAY too many math questions. Then there was Summer, drunk again, and Adam, stumping for Nader and talking Greenpeace till your ears fall off, and Nathan... it's called showering, pal! It's like hugging a dumpster, I swear.

The little clip I showed from Serenity offended EVERYBODY. Like necrophilia is some sort of "taboo" any more. People, it's the 21st century! And in the movie, it's even later! Get with it, or towards it.

John Cassaday. Doodles a few mutants, thinks he's all that. There's a way to treat fans, John, and Fierce Tarantula Karate technique is not one of them. Whatever. I punched out a few fans too, but that was ONLY 'cause they were littler than me. And one of them insulted Jake. Or the Fatman, I don't remember all of it. I have a cold.

Some highlights: The girl in the Harley Quinn outfit. What a night! Call me. The big burly security guard assigned to me. What a night! Call me. Meeting my first "fan". Spoiling the plot of everything Bendis is going to write for the next three years, which by the way he's already written, teacher's pet. Seeing the trailer for that ridiculous movie: a guy desses up like a bat? Yeah, THAT'll sell.

Good times. I'm looking forward to looking back on it one day and laughing. Uncontrollably, hysterically laughing till I die with this insane grin on my face while the Joker robs the bank that I plan to become manager of. Excelsior!

Yours etc, joss.

P.S. portions of this were totally true. Well, only the part where I have a cold.
Hey, Joss! Good to see you again. I'm sorry you have a cold and I hope you feel better. Now, what can you tell us about your role in the Wonder Woman movie?

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Ha Ha! That was great, Joss. I felt like I was really there! ;)

Seriously, Your Importantness, thanks for the post!
Lioness - It worked, and sooner than you thought! Good job. :)

Hi Joss! Still that funny, even with a cold. You da man.
Oh, I hope you don't have a cold -- I'm going to be there and want you in tiptop shape for selfish reasons. But the most important thing is... trailer! I was hoping real hard for a look at the movie, even if it means I grab onto my sister's arm and dig my nails deep in with excitement and maybe squeal real hard. eek.
Thanks Joss. I have a persistent bug, and your post made my tummy feel better for several minutes.

I'm (entirely selfishly) expecting the same kind of breathless reportage from Joss for Wizard World in Long Beach in March, cos I'll be at that one. Any news on whether you might bring some *friends* with you, JW?
Joss!!!! Your most important report just made my entire day. Cold or no still rock!

[ edited by jabby on 2005-02-17 21:08 ]
Well what do you know *grins*. And I was thinking just there now that Astonishing X-Men #8 was the best issue to date and Joss posts. Very cool.
There was a girl in a Harley Quinn outfit, and I missed it!? Now that sucks.
Always a pleasure hearing from the man himself, I am sure that the movie about a guy dressed up as a bat got nothing against the BDM we are all waiting for.
When you can you should let us in on what you are so busy with these days ( apart from the BDM that is ) I/we are sort of curious, in a 'where do we go from here' kind a way.
Hurry, Lioness! Wish for me to have a million dollars!

Joss posted! Hope you feel better soon. Beating up tiny fans should help speed things up.
I'm so glad I'm not going to miss anything this time around then. You know I was afraid something interesting might be said so thanks for the preliminary report before the event, now I feel much better for not being there.

***wah, wah, wah*** I WANT TO GO TO WONDERCON!!!!!!! Darn work, darn stupid people who have to take off work this week forcing me to work for them! :P

Joss, man, I can commiserate about the cold thing though cause I am right there with you. Which might explain my testy mood as well. Being sick sucks.

Which is the only real reason I would avoid going to Wondercon, besides the work thing. Any chance any of these guys will be with you next month at Wizard World, cause I am trying my best to get out there for that one. And speaking of the good old WW, anyway you can confirm what day you really will be there cause in one area thay have you down for Saturday only and in the recent email update they have you down for Sunday only, so which is it? I've emailed them but they are not responding to me.

Well anyway off to pout about missing Wondercon, **muttering to herself** stupid work, stupid cold, stupid wondercon having to hold a con in Feb.

Hope you feel better before this weekend and thanks for stopping by and adding some much need cheer for an exceedingly crappy week.
I wish Brownishcoat had a million dollars! I wish I did too! I wish I was going to Wondercon!.... Hello? Is anyone listening?
I can't believe it! I asked and Joss answered. Whew. I think I have to go lie down.

[ edited by Lioness on 2005-02-18 06:04 ]
Mwahahahaha my cold has gone!
Best. Con. Report. EVER!
i feel privelged to have a cold at the same time mr whedon has one. we're kindred
I heart the hell out of you Joss. :)
i came into this thread to glee about going to wondercon on saturday, but instead i'm gleeing about joss's post. !!!

i'm looking forward to being beat up by you, joss!
Wow! I've never had Joss reply to an article I've posted!
That's just made my day :)

<<<<< will spend the rest of the day smiling!
Charisma and Orphea, what about the Capitals?
I always get bummed that I can't swing a trip out to CA to attend one of these cons. Joss posting eases the pain of not being able to go see him, and makes me happy for the day.

Oh Joss - Moonlight Rising in PA - if you attend it Serenity will do really, really big business at the box office. Please, please, please come to the East coast.
I am going on vacation today - getting on a plane to San Francisco from Toronto (wheres its -22C with the wind chill this AM). Do you think I should wander by the Moscone Center? This is a total fluke....
redfern! Go, bring back pictures and convince Joss to visit Toronto, ok?
Lioness, you need to check with your people. After I read your post, I got called in to my manager's office. I think I'm getting a promotion. I'm convinced you are lucky!

And thanks bunches!
caroline, i don't use capitals on the internet as a matter of habit and choice. it's never been a problem elsewhere. if you'd like to pick at my grammar, go for it. but i don't think my meaning is compromised by the lowercase. do you?
orphea, if you want to continue to post at Whedonesque you have to follow the rules of the site. One rule is: "Please use proper grammar, capitalization and spelling as best as you can. This will help keep the discussion on topic and it makes your posts easier to read."

Consult the About page if you're not sure what the rules are. Thanks.
Alright. I don't want to be The Girl Who Started An Argument in the thread that joss posted in. :) I'll email Caroline.
I'm kicking myself really REALLY hard right now. I was going to go to WonderCon this weekend and then my husband came down with Carpal Tunnel and couldn't drive me two states away like he promised. DAMMIT.
Geez, ya miss one WonderCon cause your stuck in another coutry helping a woman push a baby out of her passage, and the world flips on it's side!
Damn that Fatman!

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