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February 17 2005

Fans snatch up Wonderfalls DVD. Success of axed show surprises execs. Good news, approx 25,000 DVDs have already sold since Feb 1st.

Got mine last week. Again, this show, like Firefly, should never have been canceled. The unaried episodes are great.

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Yay! Already watched mine and loaned it out twice...
Anyone have any idea how many DVDs Angel has sold?
Well if it carries on its success, the Wonderfalls movie is looking more and more likely.
Wow. Go Wonderfalls Go!
This is great news. I bought mine on the day of release, and I've already hooked one other person who wants to rush out and buy them. Again, Fox = moronic.
I got it too. I have to say I had my doubts , but I am glad I got it. It is a great show, I am loving it. I even got my wife liking it.

I will never understand why a funny, interesting, show like this can't stay on the air.

Hmmm... a Wonderfalls movie would be cool.

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I was a huge fan when it was on the air, but as soon as it was announced that DVDs would be released I completely cut myself off from any information about the unaired episodes. I'm glad I did, because it was a very nice surprise to see who played Eric's cheating wife.
It would be interesting to know how these figures compare to the sales of Tru Calling DVD sets, seeing that FOX seem to support Tru Calling more than they did Wonderfalls. I seem to remember reading that the studio was a little disappointed with the preorders for Tru Calling DVDs.
After spending all my money on Angel Season 5, the soundtrack and The Casefiles Vol 2, all in one day, i wish i could afford this, but im afraid im going to have to wait

Am now insanely jealous of you all! Grrrrrrrr!
I just got my set in the mail today.
Well, if any of you haven't picked it up yet, Target is selling the set for $22.99 next week. Y'know, when the series aired, I thought it was merely OK, but I'm really enjoying watching the same episodes on DVD a lot more. Just finished "Crime Dog" (the first unaired ep)....very funny, yet heartfelt. Initially, I wasn't THAT pissed that it was cancelled (I was distracted by the cancellation of some other show), but now I'm starting to feel the bitterness rise.

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I got my Wonderfalls DVD last week, I just love it. The unaired eps are really great (so far) I have the third disc left and I am finishing it this weekend. Stupid Fox.
I actually bought my set at Boarders several days before streetdate (bad Boarders, bad) and finished watching the series before it was supposed to have been released. That made me feel all special. I'll never understand why Fox pulled the series entirely instead of just letting it finish its run.
I think it was very shortsighted of FOX not to get behind Wonderfalls. I think Desperate Housewives is very similar in tone to Wonderfalls and look how popular that show has become. They have now officially thrown away two shows that could have been classics, Firefly and now Wonderfalls.
I wonder if there will be (or even better still, already is) an R4 Wonderfalls release. It has never been shown here in Australia but then that never stopped them making an R4 release of 'Firefly' before it was ever shown here. None of the sites I look at regularly seem to have one. Anybody know?
Anyone have any idea how many DVDs Angel has sold?


There's quite alot of shows on dvd that Fox don't release information for, and in general most dvd titles don't get sales information released for pubically I think.

If you think X files is big on dvd, Buffy, Angel, all sets released, the demand, we don't really hear of the numbers, maybe because they reached expected numbers of buyers, where as wonderfalls wasn't expected to do anything that well. Those 25, 000
sold, I don't think takes into account internet sales, just sales across the main retail outlets etc If we knew the internet sales as well, be even better, same with Buffy, Angel, X files and so on. Fox must be making loads of money off dvd in the last few years.

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SeanValen - I don't think you are correct with regard to the internet sales, because this is a trade magazine for the DVD/video market and having checked their site carefully my understanding is that these figures do include DVDs sold over the internet. Certainly they do have a listing for Amazon in their sales charts.

Having said that, it is almost impossible to find any decent info on numbers of DVDs sold, so this is about as good as it gets.

The bottom line is that this type of article in this type of publication is really good for Wonderfalls because it encourages retailers to give the DVD that most valuable of commodities - shelf space.

Now if I only knew whether they'll release a region 2 version, I'd be really happy.
Wow, I'm just finishing up the third DVD and I'm blown away; even though I loved the first four episodes when they aired, I have to admit the unaired episodes are much better; I can't pull myself away from the TV. I know this is redundant, but if FOX would have just given it a chance I think it would still be running.

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