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February 17 2005

The Mayor is Back! "Tony Award nominee Harry Groener (Oklahoma!, Crazy for You) and theatre critic Wenzel Jones will host the 36th Annual Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards ceremony set for March 21 at 7:30 PM at West Hollywood's Coronet Theatre." Harry is also up for an award himself. (via)

How this guy isn't a big time star, as a character actor, at least, is a total mystery to me. His performance as the Mayor was brilliant before Faith entered his office and his twisted heart, but after she did, it became astounding.
Quite right, Chris in Virginia. His relationship with his "Firecracker" was heartbreaking. Two selfish, damaged people really made a connection that was always palpable.
Yes CiV - I don't understand why we don't see Harry popping up all over in movies as a character actor. He is fantastic, I hope he wins the award he's up for. He deserves recognition!
I know Groener's said that his first love is theater -- didn't know if he has chosen stage roles over film.

A good biography page

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