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February 18 2005

Serenity prequel comic book details and artwork. "Dark Horse Comics confirmed for Newsarama that they will be publishing the three-issue prequel, written by Whedon and Brett Matthews.... Issue #1 is due in July.". And see a sketch of the Serenity crew drawn by the artist Will Conrad by clicking here.

Went looking for more on the artist, and I found this beauty in his online gallery.
Oh I like, I'm going to including that link in the subject line. Thanks for finding it Telltale.
Hmmm, I've never been able to get into graphic novels... do you think it is because I am a girl?
JudithS, I would wager you just haven't tried the right graphic novels.
JudithS, I believe Amber Benson believed the exact same thing, until she was introduced to the right ones.

Try out this one--you know Joss won't disappoint.
Like a 3-D graphic novel with Mal?
I'm a woman, and I love graphic novels. Try the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman!

I cannot wait. I just can't. I must find a way to fast-forward to July. The only thing that worried me when I first heard about the graphic novel was what the art would look like. Having seen this guy's work, my fears are gone. It's beautiful, and he's captured the characters' personalities as well as their looks. I wonder how the cast feels about becoming graphic art?

No matter how good the story is, if the art is lacking, it throws me out of the story. The above recommended Sandman series had a couple issues where the art was pretty bad, imho; that's the only thing keeping it from being perfect. But when the art was good, it was very very good.
I like that artwork and with Joss and Brett Matthews writing, this has the potential to be really great. I only got into comics (as an adult) because of Fray and then got excited about them because of AXM so I would have a look at anything Joss did in that medium. So far, not one false step in comics for me.

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I'm not a comics person myself but I will be buying this little gem! The artwork looks amazing!!
If Joss is writing, I'm buying. And seeing as he is...

The artwork looks great as well!
And the best part about a Dark Horse release, it's the price which is much more reader friendly that the IDW's prices.

Hope DH people does a decent marketing for this title. Can't wait to read it.

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Hey, It's me -- or an incredible simulation! Still recovering from that intense Wondercon experience I had in the near future. And that fun announcement about the Serenity comic that I made... if you're a comic book geek such as my own self, you were SO psyched. If you're not, you dozed off. But I definitely have something up my sleeve... it's an arm! a hideous arm! Get it off me!
You wrote it and the art work looks beautiful. It's a win-win for all of us. Thanks, Joss, we needed some new you.
Absolutely right Willowy, especially since the release of Angel Season 5 on DVD. I think a lot of us are feeling pretty down.
By the way, I'm watching BtVS at this very moment. "I Robot, You Jane" to be exact. How surreal.
*vociferously snoring*
Oh, sorry. Im listening, promise.

Hey Joss, would this comic have gone forward if the premiere of Serenity wasnt delayed?
Okay, I really have to jump on the Firefly bandwagon at some point, the way everyone talks about it. :)
I was never all that into comics until I started collecting the Buffy comics done by writers of the series. Then came Fray, then Astonishing X-Men, and now this beautiful Serenity prequel. I believe that Joss has single handedly (and single hideous arm-edly) turned me into a comic book nerd. Thanks for that!

I really need to check out Sandman. I hear that's the pinnacle of amazing graphic novels.
*jumping for joy*

I was just lamenting the lack of Joss in my life. Ask and you shall receive. Yay! Thanks, Joss!
Hey Joss--now that Dark Horse is getting back on the Whedon-train, is there any chance we'll get the rumored Buffy Season Eight comic book?
With this, and Angel over at IDW, Buffy must be getting annoyed that she's the only Whedon series without any comics coming out. :-D
NickSeng - What're you waiting for!!! You are in an envious position by many of us to experience something in the Whedonverse with fresh, new eyes (and, bonus, you get to watch it in it's proper order). Go buy it right now!!

I do have Fray and I really enjoyed that series (any news regarding a future series for that!?). And I know I'll enjoy the Serenity comics just because it's Firefly! I still have to check out the Tales of the Vampire series which I think I'll enjoy too. I really can't afford all this stuff - Joss you're making me bankrupt!! The Sideshow dolls alone are costing me small fortune (any chance they'll make one of you?! - I need a little director to tell my dolls what to do!!)
Other GNs I'd recommend (though perhaps aimed at younger readers) would be the Leave It To Chance series by James Robinson and Paul Smith. Or the Courtney Crumrin series by Ted Naifeh.
Cool beans! Art looks good. Better likenesses than DH usually had with the Buffy comics. But is this just the cover art or will this guy do the interior as well?
Hey Simon, I was wondering if it might be possible to have an index of all the comments/posts Joss has made here? I'd hate to see these gems lost to posterity as they get lost in the shuffle.
Woohoo, Serneity prequel news and Joss posting all in the same day. Oh and it's a Friday, life is good :)
Cool beans! Art looks good. Better likenesses than DH usually had with the Buffy comics. But is this just the cover art or will this guy do the interior as well?

Are you smelling a cover up, dear? (I have to show off all the comic terminology I learn from hubby somewhere...)
Its great that Joss will write this :D
I hope i can get this in Spain.

I read a few comments ago, something about Buffy S8. Please, no. Buffy ended in a natural way.
OOOH. More Joss goodness. Both in word here and promised to come in comic form. And a movie. Now I'm just waiting for a novel, 'cause I don't see another TV series in the near future. But a novel, a big, fat re-readable novel would be fine.
Thats cool! Hope i can get it here in Germany ..

btw If Joss comes back, maybe he could shed some light on the Serenity book? Is it really the Script Book for the film? Seems a bit long for a script me thinks ..

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I will definetely be buying this! On another note, I just added a new convert to Firefly! He already likes Angel and Buffy, but he has never seen Firefly. So this week I had him watch the first ep and he was instantly addicted. We ended up spending the whole day watching! Now I have someone to go see the movie with in September!
Another recent convert to Firefly here, but playing my shiny DVD boxset. Still got a couple of episodes left, but almost don't want to watch them as then I wont have any left!
That artwork looks like a A and with Joss writing it'll be a A+
While, I'm still unsure if I'll be purchasing the new ANGEL book, I'll definitely be picking this Serenity prequel up. Comic art that leans towards the photo-realistic can often be bland but I really love that preview drawing by Conrad. I don't know how this couldn't be worth buying.

And as for suggestions on unisex graphic novels, I'd go with Brian Vaughan's RUNAWAYS. It has a definite Buffy vibe to it, and the trades are smaller and, therefore, less expensive than your standard graphic novel/TPB. I think they're $7.99 a piece, and each collects around 6 issues from the series.
I'm also not sure about the Angel comic book. I'm going to wait and see what people have to say about it first.
Lovely, sensitive pencil drawing ... a beautiful line will lure me in every time, and I can almost feel the money being sucked out of my pockets, from several months into the future, as I sit here. It would be so cool if this guy was able to ink his own work, so all the subtleties he's put in don't get lost. I'm reasonably sure I don't have anything to worry about on the writing score. ;)

The color cover's earth tones kinda remind me of a old Louis L'Amour paperback, only without the dogears and creasemarks. I notice the image's name has an R2 after it, so, maybe it's for Region 2? I wonder if that means the the U.S. cover will be different. (I'd settle for the crook that's missing from the corner of Mal's mouth being put in.)
"It would be so cool if this guy was able to ink his own work, so all the subtleties he's put in don't get lost."

Who knows, he might--he was actually the inker on some of the Cliff Richard Buffy issues.

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