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February 19 2005

Whedon & Cassaday on "X-Men" for 12 more issues.

(Edited to clarify that there'll be an additional 12, not 24 as originally reported.)

Great early scoop from Wonder Con, Son Of Shadow. I've amended the link title to make it a bit easier on the eye.
Hah, i was about to post this myself. This is GREAT news, i personally didn't think there was ANY chance he would stay on. SO now im REALLY happy!
Pure bliss.
Great news.
I canīt read AXM in Spain, but i know itīs a good series, so... more issues are welcome.

Best. news. ever. Well, the Firefly movie being green-lit takes a close second.

Joss, you are the only thing that gives hope to the X-Men. I thought Peter Milligan could help the cause but it seems like he might not be up to the challenge after all.
I am your minion for life. Ah, who am I kidding, I've been that ever since "Prophecy Girl" first aired.

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Words cannot express how happy this news makes me. I was planning on giving up on X-Men (again) after issue 12, now it looks like i'll have to stick it out for a couple more years. Here's hoping Claremont can turn his book around.
I expected this news to be coming, it's still a relief to see it confirmed.

Note though, that the article is contradictory on whether its 24 more issues, or the originally planned run plus "an additional twelve issues."
Wow. I didn't expect this. Cool. I still need to buy issue 8 though.
I've been a huge X-Men fan since "Inferno" way back when (which should date me swimmingly). Been collecting almost non-stop since. And you know, despite still getting my comics pulled, I have yet to finish reading Grant Morrison's run, let alone a single one of Joss's issues. Suppose I really must get on that.
Yay and double yay and time for me to post the Wondercon thread as I have now finished KOTOR 2 and now going to hit the sack.
Do the dance of joy!
Yep, definately a dance of joy moment :) I would've been most put out to have Joss get me rehooked on the X-Men only the abandon me after just 12 issues, especailly since with each issue he's knocking it right out of the park.
Good news indeed. Although my wife is a little bummed he won't be doing other stuff now that he decided on this. (Must admit, a new Fray series would be welcome to me too) but I'm just loving what he's done with the X-books, as well as Cassaday's art. So, still very good news to me.

Had a feeling Joe Q was going to work his ass off to keep Joss on.
Whoohoo! That is all. :)
On the next link, Joss mentions that fans sent him lilies for Valentine's Day to tell him they want a Spike Movie. Joss's response?
All I have to say is I do, too

Does this mean we can expect a Spike movie after Serenity?

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