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February 21 2005

Pixel Barrel Toyfair news includes DST Serenity figures! "Mal, a Mal variant, Jayne, a Jayne variant and something else that I don't know what it was..." are due in September. And the site has a good look at Sideshow's Origins Angel and Vampire Buffy as well.

(Thanks to xander000 at BTVSFigs for the heads-up.)

Given the news includes a "something else" rather than a "someone else", does this mean the fifth figure is a Reaver? Or am I just reading too much into this?
The full quote is "something else that I don't know what it was...and since I didn't read the script...I can only speculate. It was some kind of monster." - which from what we know of the storyline sounds like a Reaver.
I'm hoping the 'something else' would be a model of Serenity,
because I would LOVE to have the ship itself!
It's cool that we're even getting Firefly action figures, but only two of the characters with variants?

Can either one of the variants at least be naked Mal or better yet Jayne? Ooh but if they do naked-Mal, they can show Nathan's tattoo. Plus they can call it "Trash" Mal.

I'd rather have another character than a random Reaver baddie, which is what I imagine the "monster" will be.

Seeing as figures are usually 6" tall, imagine a to-scale Serenity playset? The thing would be huge, but probably totally worth the obscene pricetag it'd come with.

Wow, they're releasing Gem Of Amara and Spike's "Chosen" Amulet jewelry as well...where was all this merchandising when the shows were still around? They could've gotten a lot more money out of me when my fanboy levels were at a fever pitch. As it is, I may end up springing for some of these new figures (they've really gotten better at designing them over time), but that's about it. I'd buy some of the weapon replicas, but I wouldn't know where to mount them. They'd end up dusty and useless in the closet. And oh yeah, I can only barely afford them. Should save cash for school and the like.
Somehow I'm doubting naked Mal will happen. Unless he's only modelled from the back...

Presumably if these sell well we'll see more and the lead character and a "monster" are a good reliable sale (the same logic by which Elizabeth, the real hero of Pirates Of The Caribbean, didn't get into the first set of PotC figures while an anonymous skeleton pirate did). Jayne's probably there as "guy with most toy guns".

As to why we're getting so much more now? Life is weird...

It certainly would have been cool to have DST's action figures coming out while the series were on the air, rather than a three-year gap between companies. C'est la vie.
A Mal & Jayne action figure huh? Looks like people will now be able to make their own custom figures of Hamilton and Caleb :) There has been a surge of Joss collectibles as of late... but I'm not complaining.
Oooh I want a Trash!Mal. And a normal Mal. And a Simon. And a River.
I want figures for all of them. Especially a reaver.
Oh gosh, 'Serenity' figures? I'm running out of space with the BtVS and AtS figures. "Honey, lose the sofa! We never sit in the living room anyway."

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