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January 02 2003

BtVS jumped the shark in 2002 according to this NY Times article on the arts since 9/11 and the uncertain times that followed.

Articles like this come in cycles. Fair enough saying that 2002 was not a great year for orginality but there was no need to include BtVS with it.

The show is still more innovative, exciting and challenging than 95% of what network TV produces.
"Pierce Brosnan, the current 007, is a watered down version of Roger Moore, who was a watered down, defanged version of the one and only Sean Connery."

This man has no idea what he's talking about.
I realize that, because of its structure, this article was doomed to generalize. Yet I feel compelled to mention the complete absence of any justification for the claim that Buffy jumped the shark. Usually when I read criticism of Buffy (particularly by professionals; i.e., not talking about the web, here), all I take away from it is the fact that the writer doesn't really understand what he's talking about. An indicator: whenever they mention specifics, they almost always get something wrong. (I can't remember any examples, but I'm sure you guys have encountered the same thing.)
I know exactly what you mean. If you're going to criticise, back up your argument with evidence.

And btw I watched Pierce Brosnan in the Tailor of Panama last night and he was superb in it. He really relished the role :).
Blah blah shark, blah blah blah year-end, blah. A line perhaps edited from the article: "I bet that Tolkien series has one more movie in it, tops."

I support the lack of support argument above. The article reads like a summary of other summaries, and seems the evil nemesis of Herc's article that lists Buffy as #1 in 2002.
IMHO the whole term 'jump the shark' has, um, jumped.

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