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February 21 2005

Gina Torres Assumes a Former 'Alias'. Gina gives her thoughts to her upcoming 'Alias' episode.

As the article states, Gina is "fresh off her return engagement to writer/producer/director Joss Whedon's futuristic Western world in "Serenity," the upcoming film version of his short-lived FOX science-fiction series 'Firefly'. . .

I tired to edit the header to show that it mentions Firefly, Angel, Serenity and of course Joss to show the artice is more Whedonesque but it kept saying error.
Sark's first name is Julian? :D
Yep. Was revealed last season through his father.
I am so excited to see Gina back on Alias, I like her Anna Espinosa character a lot.
I wasn't paticularly keen on the character, maybe she'll be better this time round. Sark'll be good though, and it's a 2 parter, so maybe it'll finally bring back the cliffhangers this season has lacked.
I enjoyed the subtle "Lost" reference in the end. "And if you need me to run out of the jungle" least, that's how I'm reading that.
Definitely sounds like it. She'd be excellent as an island dweller from Ethan's crowd.
She can only help Alias. It's ok this season, but, like Ghost Spike said, you can really feel the absence of the cliffhangers.
I am SO excited abot Gina returning to Alias.......She was my favorite female opposite to Sdy....when I first say Firefly I could not believe it was the same girl......She looked so different Anna always had her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail or bun........I am just glad she is back with Sark!! YAY!!

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