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January 02 2003

"Firefly is a refreshing, delightful and quite unique offering in a vast sea of otherwise dismal television programming and cinema fare." Says Joy Bushnell at SoloHQ, "your portal to Objectivism on the Internet".

"Firefly is compelling, exciting, amiable, quirky, sensitive, intriguing, politically incorrect and just plain fun while you're gripping the edge of your seat breathlessly waiting for events to unfold."

I guess she likes it.

Wow, that was an interesting take on the show. Be sure to read the comments posted in response - they contain un-encouraging rumors from the UPN front that I hadn't seen.

Also "quietly popular". Gotta like that phrase!
Yes, but if Objectivists like Firefly that much, do I want to like it? I'm questioning my own philosophical geiger-counter, now...
After trudging through the comments following Bushnell's review of Firefly, it looks as if FF may have been targeted by disgruntled Tara fans (fallout from B6's Tara/Willow devastation) allied with still-seething Dark Angel fans.

It seems clear that we won't get to keep the kind of TV shows we really like until everyone has a Nielsen box...but by then Big Brother really will be watching us.

Life is so unfair.

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