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February 23 2005

Seth Green on NPR Today. He talks about Robot Chicken on Fresh Air.

I hope he also talks about what it was like to have his phone number revealed to the internet in Paris Hilton's hacked address book. I was quite amused when I saw Seth's name in there.
I was just a tad upset that NPR's promos didn't mention his role as OZ on Buffy. But that's probably just because I'm a crazed Whedonverse fanatic, huh?
It might be, but no one round here will hold it against ya :P What did the promos mention?
What time does this air?
In the Philadelphia area, it airs at 15:00 with a repeat at 19:00. In the NYC area, I think it airs at 15:00. But each local station will have a different time slot.
audio will be available for it by web at about 3pm eastern on the Fresh Air page --

You should be able to check when it airs for you at:

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Well, Terry Gross did mention BtVS in her intro, so no reason to picket NPR.
It was a good interview, focusing mainly on “Austin Powers” and “Party Monster”. For someone who has been in the biz since he was 8 years old, he is so NOT a jerk. He gave a good sense of how much luck is involved in getting or being offered good roles or any roles at all. For example, he was offered “Austin Powers” with Mike Myers and “Chairman of the Board” with Carrot Top on the same day, which in hindsight seems like a no-brainer, but at the time were considered equal career choices. Strange but true. “Can’t Hardly Wait” + “Austin Powers”+ “Buffy” = getting recognized or registering in the minds of casting directors.
On the set of “Hotel New Hampshire” when he was eight, he watched and learned about work ethic and professionalism and how the cast and crew are like your family but not really a substitute for them.
She asked how he dealt with rejection when he was auditioning at a young age and he said it wasn’t that bad since he was always getting beaten up and crying in his personal life anyway. He was “never cool in high school” and was a “weirdo" that didn’t fit in so he decided to embrace that and concentrated on “getting the hell out of there”.
He has a very good attitude about realizing that he is just not right for some roles and has become “very zen” about it. He wanted Wes Bentley’s part in “American Beauty” and Elija Wood’s in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” very badly.
Buffy wasn’t mentioned except on his list of credits and they talked about “Robot Chicken” a little at the beginning. His voice sounded little rough like he had a sore throat and he pronounces “cool” as “kewl”. She wished him luck with his new series and he seemed to have enjoyed the experience.
That’s it in a nutshell.
Thanks for the comprehensive report, bloodflowers.

With some people, you just know that jerkness isn't a factor. Although I am occasionally guilty of confusing Oz with the actor, I've always felt that Seth is one of those people. And he would have been great in ESSM (not that Elijah wasn't).
Yeah he has always seemed like a really great guy in interviews and such. I still need to see ESSM, thanks for the reminder :)
Robot Chicken is comedic masterpiece. As talented as the guy is as an actor, Seth Green is ultra fantastic at writing/producing comedic stop-motion shorts. The guy's love for his childhood toys really comes through.
go see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, right now! if you haven't. it's excellent. i could see him as elijah wood's character, or mark ruffalo's character too.

and i haven't laughed as hard as i did on sunday night (watching robot chicken), in, god, maybe in the last year or so?! i think the last time i laughed that hard was when i saw my first episode of harvey birdman. thank you seth and adult swim!
I always had a feeling he was "one of the good guys". This was confirmed after I watched/listened to the Wild at Heart commentary. I believe it was Seth, Joss, and Marty chatting on this one. Correct me if I'm wrong. This is one of the better Buffy commentarys. They get so caught up in talking that they talked way past the grrrr, arrrrgh.
Thank you, Harmalicious, for reminding us R2 buyers again that we have been denied one of the best commentaries.
Seth's work is always great. Knockaround Guys was an OK movie overall, but Seth's performance made me cry.
Well, TactGuy, think of it as a friendly reminder to invest in that region-free DVD player you've been saving up for. :) I'm about ready to buy mine, 'cos the pleasure of watching my Britcoms on the laptop is starting to wear thin.
In July his comic book "The Freshmen" comes out which makes him, oh I dunno, the officially most talented actor to have starrred in the Buffyverse.

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