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February 24 2005

IDW Angel comic book artist's site. This is the website of David Messina who will be the artist on IDW's upcoming Angel: The Curse 5-part mini series. While the site is mostly in Italian and not really updated it provides a good idea of his art style.

I have searched and searched the older posts. I really hope this has not been posted before.

"Well now, some of those pinups came out a lot more lesbian than they looked in my head..." lol, sorry had to paraphrase Anya :) Some nice work, I'm looking forward to seeing how the comic comes out and how well he captures the likenesses of our Fang Gang.
I'm not familiar with his work; but looking at the gallaries on his site, I'd say that his Leda character is at least visually influenced by Alyson Hannigan.

(Not that there's anything wrong with that. On the contrary...)
I often find that I myself am visually influenced by Alyson :o)

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