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February 24 2005

Happy Birthday Alexis Denisof.

Happy Birthday and when are we going to see more of your wonderful talent?
Many happy returns!
By far my favorite character in all of buffyverse, WWP would have a pint for this grand occasion. Happy Birthday, Alexis! Hope you and Aly have a nice day planned.

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Happy Birthday Alexis! :) He and Aly have always been two of my fave 'versers and I wish nothing but happiness for them both.
I've just been watching the last few episodes of season 5 and I am once again awe-struck by Alexis' performances.

Here's to many more opportunities to shine!
Happy Birthday. :)
Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Alexis, Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday - and may we see much more of you in the coming months and years!!!!
Happy birthday to an absolutely amazing actor who gave life and palpability to one of the greatest characters to ever grace a television set.
Miss you so much! Have a great birthday. Perhaps you will celebrate with a graceful pas de deux with your wife?
All the best Alexis. Hope to see you at work again soon
Happy Birthday to the guy who had the greatest arc in all of the Jossverse!
Happy Birthday Mr. Denisof. Thanks for your great acting, and for attending the conventions.
Happy Birthday! Amazing work for 6 years on my favortie shows. Say hi to Aly for me!
Yeah I need to watch Angel S5 again, his performances in 5 reached new heights, which is saying something.
Happy Birthday Mr.Denisof !!!

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