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January 03 2003

Twenty percent chance of season 8 happening according to Wanda at E! Online. "It's the general feeling around set that this will be the end of it," says her source.

She also goes on to say that a spin-off is less likely due to lack of interest from certain cast members.

I'm really not ready for the end of Buffy. No matter what others might think, I believe it's still too good to be axed, even if I do notice a decreased interest from the actors (and or writers). If it is the final season let them go out with an almighty bang.
No spinoffs? The only character they would want for Faith's show is Spike. For Dawn, they'd probably want all of Buffy's friends. Maybe the Faith show is still possible.
I'm ready for the show to end. I'll be sad, and I can't imagine what I'm going to watch next fall--Buffy reruns, probably, and (I hope!) Angel, but 7 years is a good long run, and if the characters have resolved their issues pretty well by the end of this season, I'll be content.

JW, MN and the ME team could come up with a BtVS spin-off I'd want to watch, I'm sure, but without Buffy if wouldn't be BtVS, and I don't think I'm interested in a Faith-centered show, or a Dawn-centered. Definitely not interested in a Spike-centric show, though I guess I'm the only woman in the world who'd say that...

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