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February 25 2005

Alan Tudyk signs on for new pilot. Scroll down to bottom of page for pilot information.

yay! we get to see more ALAN!!!

I was also a fan of Ed, so this could actually be fun. :)
Oh, I hope this goes well - Alan deserves all the best in his career.
Here's what futoncritic says:

"UNTITLED DEBORAH KAPLAN/HARRY ELFONT PROJECT (ABC) - Julie Bowen ("Ed"), Michael Landes ("Special Unit 2") and Alan Tudyk ("Firefly") have all joined the cast of the single-camera comedy pilot, about the dating lives of a group of thirtysomething singles in Philadelphia."

There's much more . . . warning: character description spoilers . . .
Go here
Drifter - look what the next project down on your link is "UNTITLED FREDDIE PRINZE JR. PROJECT (ABC)" Ooh Goodo!
Yeah, Alan! I too was a fan of Ed. This has the potential to be wonderful!
Wonder about Alan's choice to do a sitcom at this particular time. I was under the impression that he is big time in-demand movie guy right now. *shrugs*
I got the impression that this will be an hour-long comedy drama, not a sitcom.
Ah, ESG, that would be the famous two-humped (or is it one-humped) dramedy, yes?

Kinda nice that futoncritic references Firefly for Alan's past work, rather than one of his many many higher-profile (to some) movie roles . . .

That's dromedary! Not... oh, ok. Of course. Therein lies the joke... ;)
Willowy: "Wonder about Alan's choice to do a sitcom at this particular time. I was under the impression that he is big time in-demand movie guy..."

First off the important thing is he's got work. Television is harder work than film, I'm led to understand. However, it is also a slightly steadier paycheck, provided you don't get cancelled. Tudyk's actual reasons for taking this job are left to us for speculation. Probably a combination of factors. If asked directly, he might not even have a clear cut answer. Just seemed like a good idea at the time?

Maybe he just liked the script. Maybe he has car payments and other bills. Maybe he's tried both television and film and preferred television's schedule. His contract may allow him to entertain other movie possibilities. Maybe the only movie parts he can get put him back in that greenscreen suit. It's gotta be hot in that thing.

He's a fine, versatile talent who can dance from comedy to drama in the space of a wink. He should be competing with Jim Carrey for roles, but he's not. This might just be a rung on the ladder of his success. Gotta flap your wings a bit before you can fly.

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