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February 26 2005

Mysterious Serenity book revealed. This was discussed here without knowing what it was.

Amazon now describes it as "Titan’s official companion contains a preface from Joss, his in-depth account of the making of the film, and his full screenplay, illustrated throughout with stills, storyboards and production art."

Who is that on the right side of the cover picture - Inara and Book aren't in the picture (and I know the explanation for that so that doesn't excite me) but who is the addition?
I think this is just a "placeholder" cover. They used the same one for another Firefly-related book. Over on the official Serenity board someone explained that it was a photo that was taken with an extra. I have no idea why Amazon is using it.
So we have
- this official companion to the movie
- Krad's novelization
- the essay book
- the 3-issue prequel comic book mini-series

That's all the publications I'll have to buy, right? I didn't miss anything?
Hey IG, not bad for a no-account TV series :-)

But what could be said is Universal is really treating this movie right. So there's no excuses (so far) that we could dredge up if Serenity kinda doesn't do so good. Perish the thought . . .

I just hope the uninitiated appreciate it and throng the theatres.
So many shiny new books... Looks like I'll be installing another wing in the Whedon library soon. ;)

I'm sure the cast -- smart and eye-candyish as they all are -- will become more and more visible as September inches nearer, but I wonder if Joss will actually do the late night TV show circuit to promote Serenity? I don't know that he's ever been interviewed on any of the biggies -- Leno, Letterman or even Conan O'Brien. (Several of these shows have email addresses -- maybe we should start sending in our suggestions now?)

I'd love to see him on Charlie Rose, too (for non-US citizens, CR is generally considered our most respected, intelligent and thorough talk show host; he's on PBS, the public-supported broadcasting service, which mostly carries historical, educational and children's* programming). Compared to the usual superficial questions and celebrity chatter, imagine the depth of that conversation!

(*Fun fact: Joss's dad, Tom Whedon, was head writer on PBS's The Electric Company, a pre-teen-oriented show I grew up watching during the '70's.)
Coolness, though they have to stick with the comedy cover. It amuses me everytime I see it. Anyway thanks for the heads up on this Lioness. I'm sure a heck of a lot of us here will be buying it.

Personally, I'd like to see Joss on the Daily Show promoting Serenity.
I don't think I've ever seen a director on late night tv circuit except for M. Moore but it would be a hillarious event to see Joss and Conan together.
Good discovery, Lioness ;)
I'm so happy! I can't wait for the movie and this book!!
I'd love to see JW on the Daily Show.
Invisible Green - close but I think krad also mentioned two Serenity novels as well!
Great news. I was hoping it would be the script, but "making of" as well is even better.

Wiseblood wrote:
I'd love to see him on Charlie Rose

I agree! I posted on the Fox Firefly board a while back how nice it would be to see Joss and at least some of the cast around Charlie's big round table. Charlie Rose had the cast and director of the Matrix: Reloaded on, plus Quentin Tarantino for Kill Bill, so Joss and Co. would be a good pop-culture-phenomenon fit. How could he resist a science fiction TV show/movie with a cast that includes a graduate of The Julliard School (Morena Baccarin), a near-graduate (Alan Tudyk), and a graduate of New York's High School of Music and Art, presumably the school in Fame (Gina Torres)?
Good discovery, Lioness

Hey, it's a book, what can I say? ;-)
I'm definitely looking forward to this one as well. But that's the problem. So much to look forward to and nothing NOW. Well, at least not for those of us who live away from cities which have cons with Joss & Co.
Hilarious: This is what Amazon was showing me that we might ALSO be interested in...
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We need mood stabilizers and adult diapers before we see this movie, apparently.
We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll wet our pants!
Invisible Green - close but I think krad also mentioned two Serenity novels as well! - catalyst2

Right; I vaguely remember hearing about those. I'm not sure if I'd actually want to buy those, however.
I can't wait to get my hands on this book. And perhaps some Ladies Incontinence Panties, too. Better to be prepared for any eventuality during the Great First Day of Serenity Viewing. (There'll be mulitple viewings, of course. But I can't vouchsafe for my emotional or bodily reactions during the first viewing. No, I can't do that.)
I just sent the following blah to this feedback link at the Charlie Rose Show website. Don't know if anything will come of it, but maybe if a lot of us did similar? Of all the above mentioned people I think Rose's interview with Whedon would be the most interesting.

To Mr. Rose and production staff, I'd like to see Charlie Rose interview Joss Whedon, the director of the upcoming movie Serenity and imagineer of the three TV programs Firefly, Angel and Buffy. I've seen Rose interview everyone from Bryan Singer to Arthur Miller, and think his unique approach to the interview process would be ideal in communicating with Joss Whedon. From his childhood struggles with faith and reality, to his more recent struggles with making art in the face of a profit-minded Hollywood, a face to face between Rose and Whedon would certainly fill up at least an hour of programming if not more. Whedon's a fascinating man and an engaging, talkative persona. I for one would certainly tune in to see that. Thank you for your time.
ZachsMind, thank you so much. I LOVE Charlie Rose. He is the best interviewer. Please keep us updated as to if this will happen!
Yes! Thank you, ZachsMind. I adore Charlie Rose and I'd like to see Joss et al. interviewed by Rose more than anyone else. Fingers crossed.
Personally, I prefer Terry Gross (America's actual best and most thoughtful interviewer who's sadly only on public radio and therefore not as well known). To me CR is a bit too full of a sense of his importance (or, as he pronounces, about 15 times per hour, "im-poe-tance").

Still Joss is as imPORtant as any captain of industry that Charlie likes to spend most of his time with, so why not?
Terry Gross and her Fresh Air program are great. Joss was interviewed at length on Fresh Air back in 2000, but it was David Bianculli standing in for Gross. A meaty, in-depth 2005 Terry Gross interview with Joss would be fantastic.

As for Charlie Rose's sense of self-imPOEtance, maybe. Maybe not. But faulting him for his pronunciation? The guy's from Texas. Maybe he just talks that way. Or maybe it's just his own idiosyncratic way of talking.
Charlie Rose's interviews are pretty good, and I'd love to see Joss be interviewed, although I agree that Mr Rose suffers slightly from the 'I'm-just-as-important-as-the-interviewee-if-not-moreso' syndrome on occasion. Still, any in-depth interview like that with Joss I'd love to see of course.

Btw, I certainly hope this will not be the cover of the book. A simple group shot? Oy...
Just for a laugh, look at what thinks you might be interested in if you're interested in this book...
Ilana, read the thread -'s suggestions were already mentioned.
My guess is that the cover for this script book is, like the cover currently on display for my novelization, a solicitation-only cover that's just a placeholder until there's final art to come from Universal. This is normal with movie tie-ins, sadly. The shot in both cases is a publicity shot taken with an extra who won a contest to be in the movie.

I suspect the final cover for both my novelization and this script book will be far shinier. *grin*
Any info on who held that contest Keith? I don't remember a be-an-extra-on-Serenity contest, though I do recall Chris Buchanan putting a word in at the background players extras office for any LA-situated Firefly fans calling in to apply to be extras.
I misspoke, as it turned out -- it was an online auction. Here's the skinny, posted by someone who goes by the name DAMNITGIRLIE on the Prospero Firefly board who served as an extra on the set of Serenity (and who posted a similar thing to and the Browncoats board at

I was there the day the photo was shot. And I explained on FFFNet.
They were taking some publicity shots at the end of the shoot. One of the extras, the girl in the pic, had won her spot in an online auction. She had a choice of being an extra on one of two movies. She knew nothing about either but recognized one of the actors names (I think it was Alan) and so she picked Serenity.
By the time she left we had converted her.
The photo was taken as part of the auction win. I think it may have been for a charity. Jeremy and Brian spent more time with her so they could fill in the blanks.

She is not part of the cast. She does not have any part in this or other features. She is not any kind of a character, now or in the future. Just space filler and background in the city of....

oops. can't say that!

Why they sent that picture as the placeholder for book covers, I have no idea. *laughs*

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