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January 03 2003

Ready or not? Is anyone in Sunnydale ready to fight evil? Rachel Lovinger from EW gives a short little review on the intentions of the main characters.

The wench left out good 'ol Xander. He's only been on the show for all 7 years!! He's the only man to stick it out since her arrival in Sunnydale (Giles & Angel can't even say that), fighting evil along side her even without any sort of superpowers or strength, but yet the Xan-Man still can't get any love from the likes of anybody!
That ommission pissed me off a little too...especially since he's the one who stopped Dark Willow, last season's Big Bad. Does the writer of that article really even watch the show?
She also left out Dawn. I honestly think the writer of the article picked up the show in this season, that or this punk is really stupid. I can't believe her editor or a colleague didn't notice this before publishing.
It's very likely some sub editor had to cut the story short.

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