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February 28 2005

Angel versus Charmed - a duel. A pointless feature of MSN Search? You decide and vote if you feel like it.

Ta to the lovely veggieburger for the heads up on this one.


how....hmmm...i have no words...i'm completely word-less


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What. The. F**k.

Okay, so either Charmed is a better show, or there seriously need not be any more proof of the inexistance of God.
That's the way it's always been. It's more popular cause it's a very accessible show to watch. You don't lose anything if you missed episodes, the stories doesn't really challenge anybody, and it's incredibly cheesy.

It's still crap though. :)
Now I know why the world is so crazy....Charmed better that Angel? Another thing that do me happy that I 'm a outcaster from the masses..
"A vampire with a conscience can't overtake the charmed ones"
No comment.
I find this page extremely upsetting.
I have to admit when I'm googling Angel, I won't just type in "Angel", because, unlike Buffy, a lot of irrelivant crap comes up too. It's a pretty common word. But who really cares, we all know how much better Angel is.
But....Charmed's crap.
WTF? They have ripped off Angel/Buffy storylines and when they do...THEY CAN'T EVEN COPY WELL.

Angel/Buffy...Whedon shows...are just smarter shows...they ask something of use your think...Charmed is just fluff with no investment at all.

If you like Charmed...good for you...but if you are looking for something know where to find it.
Charmed? They don't even have any writers over there...
just costume designers.
the plot every single week is just: how do we get the girls into a a skimpy outfit?

Frankly I don't know why this show has stayed on the air,
but maybe it is much much cheaper to make.

And of course buffbuff is right, you can't search for the word 'angel' or you'll never get anything. And personally I do all my searches on google anyway, MSN isn't even on my list.
Well, that's nauseating. But more people watch Charmed than watchED Angel; had it been reversed, Angel would still be on the air, and Charmed would have been cancelled years ago.
whee... nevermind that a lot of 'Verse fans don't use MSN Search. We google!
Well this is silly. Like some said, 'Angel' and 'Charmed' are both common words to begin with. But even apart from that, yeah I could've told you Charmed as the show would get more searches for the very simple reason that Charmed has 3 hot babes in 12 different outfits per episode. It has Alyssa for pete's sake. She by herself has always been one of the major search names on the net for years for the simple fact that boys like to ogle her! And really has Charmed ever been about anything other than a: badly ripping off Buffy and b: the girls in cute and sexy outfits? Give me a break.

As for it still being around, the lower budget (evident in every frame especially the lousy effects) also has a teensy bit to do with that.

whee... nevermind that a lot of 'Verse fans don't use MSN Search. We google!

Another good point. Who uses MSN search anyway??
Yeah! all the way!
Their "top movers", whatever that is, in "Television" puts "Eastenders" ahead of "Buffy", which in turn is ahead of "Bob the Builder". Which goes to prove ......... virtually nothing. Who in America has heard of "Eastenders" anyway?
hmmm for those who think Charmed is better, maybe they should watch buffy and angel and see that the whole "I'm good and my lover's evil! we are destined for each other and damned by the fates" story line with Buffy and Angel was on the air way before the horrible Pheobe/Cole "he turned good than evil than good than human than evil" tragic storyline. Distraught from losing Angel last year, I lost my mind and watched a few episodes of Charmed here and there. I wish I had those hours back, but now I never will. Charmed rips off our storylines and the only reasons the show is still on the air is for 2 reasons: 1) Aaron Spelling. 2) the show revolves around hot chicks that wear leather jumpsuits and cast "spells" by rhyming random words. NEWSFLASH Charmed...if your show is solely about casting spells, trying using LATIN every now and then instead of saying "rose are red, violets are blue, this spell will be casted, la la la la do".
I've heard of EastEnders :P But then I just recently rewatched Coupling Season 4 and Little Britain S1 and the Complete Black Books and Complete Spaced on R2. Also tuned into Cold Feet last night at a friend's suggestion and sporadically watching Monarch of the Glen (I think BBCA is getting the Tom Baker eps soonish). Anyone else watched Ultraviolet? Picked up at another friend's suggestion, Jack Davenport is never a bad thing. That and I'm dying for the new 'Who.
Yes I watched Ultraviolet - was very good and I was disappointed we didn't get a 2nd season. I am also looking forward to the new Doctor - looks promising.
If you're clueless enough to use MSN, you're dumb enough to like "Charmed" more than "Angel"...
Angel/Buffy are these metaphorical shows. They're amazing and make people raw with emotion and stuff. Charmed doesn't.
Okay, so let's just ALL vote for Angel? Plus you can vote more than once. ;)
I refuse to give legitimacy to an MSN poll. I think there's one snotty nosed Charmed fan who voted twelve hundred million times. Y'all are right. Angel fans are simply more intelligent. We google. The poll numbers are simply scewed. Truth to say, Angel was witty, exciting, dark, thought-provoking, unpredictable, tantalizing, and all the things Charmed thinks it is but can't be. There's no contest here.

I've tried to like Charmed. Really I have, and a couple years ago the writing was a little better. Ultimately the only reason I watched as long as I did is for the eye candy. Rose McGowan is hot; no denying that, but that doesn't make it a good show. I just can't stomach it anymore. The writing on that show this season has been lobotomizing.

Besides, had Angel and Charmed even been able to do a crossover? The three girls would at first think Angel was a bad guy, they'd figure out the truth after a cursory battle, then they'd join forces with Angel against some common foe. That's predictable Charmed storytelling. Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that Phoebe Halliwell would try to get into Angel's pants and he'd try not to laugh at her to her face. I could write this particular fanfic in my sleep.
To wit:

LINDSEY: Come on. (smiles) I could sing for you.
LORNE: I've heard you sing. (gunshot)

You would not find writing or acting this powerful on Charmed. End of argument.
I started watching Charmed about two years ago (I have since stopped). Syndication allows a certain "catching up" factor. The only reason I started in the first place was because there were so many crossover actors from Buffy and Angel. However, after the way they treated Charisma's character, I stopped watching immediately and haven't been back. Now I play video games during that timeslot. Take that WB!
Yeah, I watched for a while last year, since it's on in syndication after Angel (when it's not preempted by basketball). I kind of got into it—meaning I could get through a whole episode. I even watched some of the newer ones. But then I discovered Cold Case, which is on opposite it on Sundays, and goodbye Charmed. Heck, I don't even read the recaps on TWoP anymore (and they make a lot of fun of it!).
Ok, well if one prefers to watch the "Charmed Ones" find the fountain of youth before the evil pirate Blackbeard, or battle evil leperchauns, or turn into Robin Hood and gang, or even better discuss their bfs in badly written dialog (even by bad sitcom standards) fine by me. I'd prefer my tenser, funnier and darker Angel series, which even at it's roughest was like totally brutalising the BEST charmed has to offer.

I'd rather watch She again and again and again than rewatch any episode of Charmed.

My ex used to watch Charmed all the time, it was pretty terrible. I actually watched all of the first 4 seasons... so sad.

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Oh my, this made me laugh. People use MSN? Wow. And Charmed versus Angel? Non starter of a discussion. Yawn.

Sorry to be snotty for a moment, but you know the saying “it would be a dull world if we all liked the same” – well, no actually the problem is that the world is full of dull people.
Three words: INSANE. TROLL. LOGIC. :)
I've always viewed MSN as a joke anyway, this just confirms it. Who would use their search engine? I rather find what I'm looking for on the 'net.

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