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February 28 2005

Buffyverse in PARADE. Full page ad for plates & "extraordinary ax display" in the most banal, mainstream publication in the US.

I don't think the plates themselves are anything special but what blew my mind was to see them advertised in PARADE. Perhaps the success of the DVD's has something to do with this high profile ad.

It blew my mind as well, gingeriffic. Pretty cool to see, though. :)
I never even open the Parade that comes with our Sunday Washington Post...will go down to the recycle pile and have a look!
Never even heard of Parade. But what really surprises me is the remark of 'first ever plates'. What are they talking about? There've been (different) Buffy collector plates for years already.
There used to be a magazine in the UK called Parade but it was of a more adult nature *ahem*. Not overly impressed by the plate designs but I'm sure they will appeal to some fans.
Simon and EdDantes, 'Parade' is just a Sunday newspaper insert,
they have some lame recycled personality gossip,
and they sell lots of things like Civil War Chess sets.

But I kind of like the 'display axe'...even tho I don't like the plates.
embers, it is a lame publication, but it has a weekly circulation of 35.7 million, compared to USA Today's Monday-Friday circulation of about 2.7. (USA Today has the largest circulation of daily papers in the US.)

My point is that something like that is seen by a hell of a lot of people.

I once tried, in my work as a media relations professional, to place an article there...I was unsuccessful, but it was worth the effort because the reward would have been tremendous.

Also don't like the plates.

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Weird how most of the images are from S1-S2 promo shots. It's like a Buffy and Angel where their breakup never happened -- perfect, I guess, for middle America, at whom I always figured this mag was aimed. All about the happy endings.

Parade used to, or still does maybe since I haven't seen one in a while, feature actors or public figures of some sort (a mix of the well-known and up-and-coming) on its next-to-last page. About a million years ago I almost had a heart attack when I opened an issue and found Charisma Carpenter staring back at me. You may not be in the market for Civil War chess sets or limited edition Lenox china figurines, but it might be worth checking inside before tossing it every week.

Also, it carries a column by Marilyn vos Savant -- supposedly the possessor of the highest measured female IQ in the world -- who answers questions people send in. Maybe someone should ask her how FOX and the WB manage to stay in business when they tend to end up cancelling their most intelligent shows?

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Maybe someone should ask her how FOX and the WB manage to stay in business when they tend to end up cancelling their most intelligent shows?

Heh, that made me chuckle. I think someone mentioned this here recently but listening to the "Wonderfalls" commentary is an amazing insight into the absurd sort of network meddling that apparently goes on at various stages of production. I do think that having outside opinions is not a bad thing and in some cases I think the networks have a good point. But the rest of it is a startling look at who they seem to think their audiences are and what they apparently think they're selling. "Intelligence" is definitely not on the menu.
Oh, no, I hope no well-meaning person who knows I like Buffy decides to get me a gift. Nice idea but, oh, tacky. Luckily, my local newspaper switched from Parade to another, similar insert a couple of years ago (though I miss Marilyn Vos Savant).
Well, I don't think they are such great plates, and kinda dear at $39.95, but I do like the display rack!

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