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February 28 2005

"A couple of things with Joss". Comic book artist extraordinaire Bryan Hitch continues to tantalise Marvel fans about his involvement with Mr Whedon.

What could these Marvel projects be?

More Joss comic-y goodness :) Can't wait. Haven't heard much on what Hitch would be doing with Joss aside from the aforementioned potential Wonder Woman designs and perhaps a fill-in or two if the wonderful Mr. Cassaday can't keep pace on AXM.
Bryan Hitch goes into slightly more detail about working with Joss at Millarworld:

Nothing specific to spill. We want to work together and are always discussing what form that may take. There are many possibilities from new characters, creator owned to existing big guns.

When were set, we'll let you know. Meanwhile lots to do...

Fantastic! I love Hitch's stuff and Joss is always good. I can't wait to see what these two come up with.

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