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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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March 01 2005

New pilot for Gina Torres. This article covers a number of different pilots, with information on Gina appearing at two different points.

Gina Torres with my favourite Sex and the City gal - nice (even though 'Soccer Moms' sounds like a 'Desperate Housewives' rip-off)...
Two housewives who play detectives at night. Must agree, WWBD. Gina deserves much better. Wonderful actress and a lovely woman.
Does sound on the dire side of dire, WWBD and Madhatter.
Bit off topic, but while I was buying some DVDs today, I noticed that Amazon UK has the region 2 Firefly DVD on for 12.97, which is by far the cheapest price I have seen so far from any regular retailer.

Seems to be selling like hotcakes, during this afternoon it jumped from number 92 in the top 100 list to number 63.

If you are aware of this offer already, apologies.
Ah, to see two of my favorite gals back on the telly again, and together! I think that rocketh....
Compared to "Cleopatra 2525," "Soccer Moms" sounds like Shakespeare. (In other words, Gina's done material with a lot less dignity.)
Hmmmm.....the plot sounds a little iffy. BUT, by far my favorite sex.....girl.
I'd watch Gina in put near anything. She has to make time for the next two Serenity movies, though. :-)
I'd watch Gina in almost anything ... I so drew the line at Cleopatra 2525. :P
Still off topic and still apologising, but just checked and Firefly region 2 DVD is now back in the top 50 Amazon UK sellers at 41. Wow, jumped 50 places since yesterday. How good is that!

Who is buying, I wonder. I though we all already had our DVD.
Well one of my (fairly poor) friends who I converted to Firefly by lending my dvds had always said he wanted to buy them. I saw your post last night and emailled him and lo and behold he ordered them today. So thanks, from him, for the information.

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